Saturday, 19 July 2014

RNA conference, holidays and pledges

Good morning folks, I am officially on school holiday. I have six glorious weeks to write and I can't tell you how good that feels. But first, I need to share the delights of the RNA conference from last weekend. Regular followers will know this is one highlight of my year, three days of indulgence amongst my writing buddies. This year was no exception. The location was Harper Adams university in Shropshire, I arrived at 7pm after a busy day at school. As you can imagine everyone else was in the full swing of the event having arrived at 2pm. I soon caught them up :-)

The timetable of talks and events was crammed with interesting ideas, knowledge and experience - always a dilemma regards selecting which workshops to attend, whilst hoping your friends can fill you in on the ones you missed. Anyway, I attended talks given by Hazel Gaynor, Liz Harris, Nina Harrington, Jean Fullerton, Pamela Hartshorne, Alison May, Alison Baverstock, Philippa Ashley and Nell Dixon - all excellent sessions giving an insight into their writing world.

Amidst the writers' talks, the workshops and celebration are the kitchen parties that buzz each evening producing a wealth of blurry photos and endless giggles.

Saturday night gala dinner is always a delight; gorgeous food and scintillating chat amongst the writers. I was thrilled when Janice Preston won the Elizabeth Goudge trophy for the fairy tale themed short story. This is the third consecutive year that the Birmingham Chapter have either won or been placed runner up for this award.

You may remember that at last year's gala dinner four of us made pledges to be completed by this year. All four fulfilled our vows so this year every member of the Birmingham Chapter joined us in making their own pledge, which need completion before the gala at Mile End next year.

In addition to all the fun, there is the serious business of publishing, I was lucky enough to pitch my novel to a publisher, who wishes to see the full manuscript by the end of this year. I had my sights on a specific publisher and am delighted for the opportunity offered.

So, you won't be surprised to hear I'll be writing for the next 45 days! Working my little socks off to ensure my manuscript is the best it can possibly be before school begins again.

I'd best get started, I don't want a moment of freedom to escape me - enjoy!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Camp NaNo, RNA countdown and door signs

Morning world, you find me hard at work in my writing room armed with tea and biscuits. I'm making the most of a quiet Sunday morning to write. The location is now official as my beautiful door sign arrived yesterday, so no longer is this the spare room.

The week has been slightly disappointing for me regards writing; Camp Nano isn't flowing how I'd like it too and my editing hit a brick wall. The Camp Nano feels different because my buddies aren't in it, NaNo usually has me fired up as I feel I'm working in a team, sadly there is only one other that is communicating with me so it feels pretty dire. Regards the editing - that's purely a plodding situation chapter after chapter.

This time next week I'll be at the RNA Summer conference - woohoo, I can't wait! I've booked from the Friday but I won't be arriving till at least six o'clock due to the day job. But once I arrive, boy am I going to make up for lost time :-) It sounds crazy but this conference really is a delight to attend, every year I catch up with my writing buddies and meet a host of new ones. This year is a little special as I have an appointment with a publisher who I am desperate to be signed with. So, fingers crossed for me. Plus, I've entered the Elizabeth Goudge competition to be announced at the gala dinner.

Anyway, enough chatter, this gal needs to crack on and work. Love you loads x