Saturday, 30 November 2013

Nano day 30 - the end is in sight!

Hello folks, you join me on the final day of Nano 2013. Due to juggling work, home and life in general I started the day knowing I needed to write 7,594 words to successfully complete.

The plan of today is simply to plod on and on with the nano writing. I'll update Twitter as I go, and gradually I'll get nearer with each hour.

I can guarantee that I shall finish by midnight, I have too, because I haven't spent the last month juggling to bail out on the last day.

See you later, I'll tweet as I write so please support me on my final stretch - today isn't the finish I'd planned. Enjoy!

Follow up: NANO WINNER - I did it 50,448 words written in the month of November of which 7877 were written today in six hours and fifty minutes. Yay!

Note: my back is aching but my brain is spinning!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Nano day 24 - 7001 words to bring total to 40,023

Evening folks, a brief update on what has been a crazy day. Today, the mission was to catch up on my nano word count - the result after numerous hours is a huge 7001 words in one day. It means I have achieved my goal of catching up to ensure that I finish in time for next Saturday. My total word count currently stands at 40,023. Phew, I can now go to bed and sleep.

Good night, a busy, yet hearty day x

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Nano 16 - 3500 words

Evening folks, I've just shut up shop for the night having written 3500 words bring my Nano total to 29,534 - woohoo!
Tomorrow's plan is to break through the 30,000 word barrier which always feels great - quite a milestone.

The bigger plan for this project is to continue after Nano month into December and work each day until New Year's Eve to complete the first draft. Now, that would be a huge achievement - can I possibly write a draft in 61 days? You bet I can!

Regards my previous project, FLOM well I collected my bangle from the jeweller's yesterday having had it's date engraved inside. My arm had felt bare all week, but thankfully I'm complete again.

Remember if you're competing in Nano please link up by searching for ODW11 or via Twitter @odwyer_author - either way enjoy your Saturday night. I'll see you back here tomorrow x

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Nano day 10

Afternoon folks, I hope you're having a fab day. So far I've done nothing but write. Seriously, I haven't. I had a difficult week last week juggling nano, study essay and the day job - so my nano count went a little low. I literally made sure that I wrote something every day even if I couldn't manage the daily average of 1667. So, with this in mind, I have dedicated my entire weekend to the Nano project and as it stands right now, have managed 7374 words in two days. Thankfully, this has brought me right up to date with where I should be for day ten.

I'm hoping to have another little session later to put a few more words in the bank, In preparation for the working week ahead. You never know what's in store!

But so far, do good regards this year's Nano - I failed to write everyday last year so wanted this year to stick to a daily routine. It's been easier in some ways but a right pain in the neck - some of my session literally haven't started till ten o'clock at night. I am definitely not an owl, so it's proved hard work.

Grand total at the moment is 18009 words - which I hope to increase a little later.

Remember you can always follow me via Twitter at @odwyer_author - see you later, enjoy!

Follow up: I managed to plod along until I had written 7,600 words today, bringing my word total to 21,307 words. I am delighted that I have managed to write 10,009 in one weekend - this will help me to stay on track for the rest of the month, as I'm now slightly ahead of the daily requirements.


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

nano day 6 - 1036 words

Evening folks, just a little update from me. After a very busy few days, in which I have added to my Nano total everyday, my total now stands at 9046! I'm quite amazed given that I've had to focus my time on a uni essay - but hey, that's now done and dusted. I am literally counting down the days till the weekend when I can dedicate a whole day to Nano. What bliss!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Day three - Nano - 1735 words

Evening folks, we had another little day trip today so I've had to squeeze my Nano words in via mini sessions. But still, I have managed 1735 words today, bringing my total to 6703!

I return to work tomorrow, so please watch this space as that'll motivate me to ensure I don't skip a day of Nano.

If you're currently doing Nano, please hook up with me by searching odw11 - the more the merrier where support and motivation are concerned. Enjoy,

Day Two of Nano - 1732

A mini update regards Nano progress. I had a busy day at uni yesterday so hadn't much time to write but I managed to complete 1732 words. I'm chuffed with my progress so far and am falling in live with my characters. So, it's all good news on the Nano front.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Day one Nano 3236

Morning folks, well I did it. I had an early sleep on Thursday, catching a few zzzzzzz to enable me to be wide awake ready for a midnight session of Nano. The result: 2043 words before sleep called my name.

Catch you later, when I'll give a final count for day one.

Update: 3236 words today - a grand start :-)