Saturday, 25 January 2014

Poorly, frosty morn and ideas

Morning folks, you find me wrapped in a duvet seated before my laptop. I have had the mother of all colds descend. It caused me to cancel any idea of attending either of my writing groups :-( each night I've struggled to stay awake much after my evening meal and have consumed a trillion calories via cough medicine. There really should be a light version of syrups.

Anyway, writing wise, the thing that has saved everything going to the dogs was my early morning slots. Yep, how amazing is that given my moaning last week about how difficult it was! I took full advantage of early rises from coughing fits and near choking in my sleep ... and wrote instead.

Being so poorly gave me the chance to sit and ponder beneath a duvet - marvelous ideas flooded my mind so I gained a wealth of ideas - all duly noted for the future.

The early morning first thing on Tuesday ignited inspiration for a poem - which I drafted on my return from dog walking. Yep, as poorly as I was I still walked the pooch. I shall revisit the draft today.

So, plans for today? Writing, writing and more writing - that's it. Should anyone drive by my house, you'll see a plume of energy burning brightly from my writing room. Have I mentioned I now have a writing room? Of course I have, I waited long enough for it. Well today, I shall be hibernating like teenager when the dishes need doing. I'll be spotted at mealtimes sneaking down the staircase and returning as quick as a flash once my plate is cleaned. Don't worry husband had been warned.

So, thanks for all the follows on twitter the crowd grows each week at @odwyer_author. I do try to follow back, especially if you're an author... though I block many that make energetic offers and are scantily clad!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Busy week, early sessions and usual routines

Morning folks, you find me recovering from the busiest week I've ever had at the day job. I have literally worked my socks off each day which forced me write during an early morning slot each day. The new routine was tough; I found the prospect of 5:30am writing daunting but the only option given my work diary for the week. I achieved the goal to produce words but the enjoyment of doing so was overshadowed by the circumstances and need. The alternative was a week of no writing so, needs must. This week, I return back to the usual routines with evening writing sessions and writing groups on Wednesday and Thursday evening.

You can follow my writing week on Twitter or facebook by searching odwyer_author. Enjoy!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

3rd place, busy week and early writing sessions

Evening folks, I hope everyone is happy and healthy during this first full week of 2014. I've had a fab start to the New Year.

Firstly, I am still enthralled with my new writing room - I have hidden myself away for hours on end working on my current project. It is psychological trick just how quickly my mood switches simply on entering and seating myself. Quite amazing how the effort to restart has disappeared and within seconds I'm back in full flow of writing.

On Wednesday, I attended the Mad Hatters' writing group - the first in a while for us due to Christmas holidays and ill health. It was good seeing the members, who had each bought a piece read and critique. I've got out of the habit of reading my work; I find it difficult to work on a project and keep going back heading feedback while partway through. I used to take a chapter at a time but found the experience jarring and forced me to keep adjusting early chapters when my creative flow couldn't ignore comments and suggestions made.

Thursday night, saw me attend Grace Dieu writing circle - the evening was an in-house competition night of flash fiction of just 250 words. I had prepared a festive piece called 'Barred' and was delighted to be voted in third place, out of eight entries. A delightful start to my creative New Year! I had found it particularly difficult task, but a very enjoyable!

This morning, I managed to complete a short story especially written for the school children - let's just hope they enjoy it next week.

The week ahead is particularly busy due to the day job and a big, big birthday for my mother. So I'll need to slot my writing into early sessions. I am proposing having a writing session before my day job begins. Now, this is going to be a challenge but one I'm prepared to undertake. I'll let you know how I do.

Finally, remember you can follow me via Twitter or facebook by searching on either for odwyer_author - I'll always answer when contacted, promise!

Friday, 3 January 2014

A room of my own

A fabulous, momentous day for me - I finally, obtained my own writing room. After nine years of 'Bagsie the little bedroom' - as of today, it is officially mine!  Hubby has agreed that the cabin bed can be dismantled, the toys sold on and the ridiculous finger paintings can be binned! With another five hours of huffing, puffing and chuffing I moved my desk from the dining room, my books from every other room and writing implements or moment is from every other perch - I had a writing room.

I am loving 2014 already - as I said yesterday 'this is my year!'

Quick post but I need to nip to my writing room just to check I haven't dreamt the change around of today!