Saturday, 31 May 2014

Priorities, Camp NaNo and exam countdown

This week's holiday has been strange for me. I usually have a set goal regards my writing but this week my writing priorities faded due to exam revision. As I mentioned last week, I hadn't written for eight days due to exam prep, and boy, did I miss it! Wednesday, I indulged by locking myself away in my writing room for the entire day - then attended my writing group on the evening. It was bliss, I felt I'd returned home after a holiday. So, I've vowed that I'll write each day up to my exam - I can't stop doing what I love, instead I'll limit the time slots.

Today, I'm polishing and printing the competition entry written on Wednesday. It amazes me how a few days distance from a piece helps with editing. I never used to do this, I used to write it, keep polishing it over and over then would print and immediately post. Lord knows how many errors I missed. Thankfully, I've learnt my lesson and now let time pass before rereading and correction.

During a break from exam revision, I signed up for Camp Nano starting 1st July. I've completed the November NaNo a couple of times but I wanted something to focus upon leading into the school Summer holidays, which are literally seven weeks away! Check it out at

Exam countdown has begun so I'll love and leave ya - enjoy!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Eight days, Jo Thomas and a much needed writing day

Morning guys, apologies for my absence but life has elbowed its way into my writing world and knocked everything off kilter. My admission: I haven't written for eight days! Eight days - it feels like a month, and all because I have exams looming next week, 5th June. But today, I am having a writing day. And, I'm raring to go!

A quick update regards the Joan Hessayon award - Jo Thomas, author of 'The Oyster Catcher' was named the winner - I've downloaded the book, but am waiting until after the said exam to consume. The-Oyster-Catcher-Jo-Thomas-ebook
My dear friends Helen Phifer and Alison May, both beautiful ladies and winners in my eyes, had a fabulous time at the party.

Between the revision slots, I've booked a weekend visit to Worcester Literary Festival 21/22nd June and Festival of Romance 12/13th September in Leighton Buzzard - hoping to catch up with many of my RNA buddies and recharge the batteries.

And so, to my writing day, the plan Stan is to draft a short story entry before diving back into the novella.


Update: woohoo a lovely day of writing - it feels good. I managed to complete draft one of a two thousand word story and write a chapter of the novella. Enjoy!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Prince, exam revision and good luck!

Afternoon folks, I'm running late this week as the 'To-do-list' has exploded and taken over my existence - though, I assure you, I'm winning.

A strange week for me, as my writing has had to take a back seat in preference to exam revision preparing for a big exam on 5th June on 19th Century Novels. Yesterday was spent at a revision workshop cramming as much info as possible and forging links between the numerous novels. Phew, my brain ached on completion! The upside is come 6th June my life will be study free enabling me to concentrate on my writing, less juggling.

Last Thursday night was a cracker of an evening, I went to see Prince in concert, yep, I'll type that again, I went to see Prince in concert! OMG, he was awesome! Boy, did we dance and sing. I was whacked and hoarse the next day but I didn't care. I've been as high as a kite since, energy levels have gone through the roof.

Sadly, I didn't hear anything back from my Nibfest entry but the idea has grown somewhat and I am going to use a spin off as my NaNWriMo 2014 - see nothing is ever wasted as a writer.

And finally, good luck to both Helen Phifer and Alison May, each nominated for the RNA Joan Hessayon award presented on Thursday evening at the RNA Summer party. My fingers are crossed.

Enjoy the sunshine, catch you later x

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Nibfest, RNA chapter and Library of Birmingham

Morning folks, sorry for the late update, but in have been a busy gal. This time last week I knew I had several writing tasks to complete: a uni essay, a sex scene for writers group and a Nibfest competition entry.  I wasn't sure how I was going to squeeze them all in but woohoo, I managed it. My uni essay turned out to be a bugger, taking me into the small hours on three nights until it was complete come Saturday morning.

I managed on Thursday morning before work to reel off a steamy sex scene in 700 words ready for my Grace Dieu writers' group. Boy, did we have a laugh. I didn't have much trouble writing the scene but I struggled to read it aloud at group. Though, so did everyone else.

Saturday, knowing that I'd successfully complete two out of three tasks, I spent the day in Birmingham. My first stop was a RNA Chapter meeting - we had a great meeting filled with laughter and chatter. We were only a small gathering, as many people had prior engagements but we certainly made up for those absent. Meetings such as these are the icing on the cake regards my RNA membership.

After the meeting, I wandered across to have a self-imposed write-in at the Library of Birmingham.  Such a fabulous office space in which to work, as long as you can work with others surrounding you. I'm well aware that many can't but thankfully I can lose myself and ignore the coming and going of others. Anyway after two hours, I was kicked out at closing time but I'd managed to write a bumper section towards the 5000 words for the Nibfest writeathon competition.

This morning, I've managed to write the final thousand words and edit - all against the ticking clock. I was able to complete and send with just twenty minutes to spare regards the midday deadline. Phew! A busy week completing three tasks alongside the novella writing.

My plans for next week - focus on the novella and with just four week to go, begin work on exam revision.

Take care, I'll catch you laters x

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Nibfest, uni essay and a new blog

Morning folks, we're enjoying a long weekend break here in the U.K. so I have the luxury of a three day weekend! Yesterday was spent in the garden, musing amongst the flower beds and lawns. Today, I'm watching the clock for midday the beginning of 'Nibfest' a competition where I'll be given an opening line from which I need to follow with 5,000 words by next Sunday, 11th May. I'll let you know later what we're given - let's hope it ignites a head full of ideas.

My novella project is taking shape - though I have to keep reminding myself that I haven't the word space for complicated add-ons. I'm dabbling in something new and it feels refreshing. I've even decided where I'll be submitting it once complete - which was a consideration discussed at a recent workshop.

Today, I must complete a uni essay comparing Chopin's 'The Awakening' with Bronte's 'Jane Eyre' and Austin's 'Northanger Abbey' - my final one for this course, so fingers crossed this draft polishes well.

And finally, I've found a lovely blog by a woman on a road to self discovery and improvement - it really is a beautiful read, take a look, support if you can.

Wishing you all a fab day - catch you later x