Saturday, 26 May 2012

Swan Lake, guilty pleasures and a dormouse

Morning folks – a fifth glorious day in Warwickshire, let’s hope it continues into the Summer. If you read last week’s blog, you’ll know that I am on the last leg of plan B, I now have just seven days till I qualify and, I can’t wait. This year’s juggling between work and home has been immense and then, trying to continue to write has pushed me to the limit. I’ve walked about in a permanent state of sleep deprivation, snatching every desperate hour available to me, have left events early, refused invites for numerous nights out - but all in all it will have been worth it, when I qualify.

A few weeks ago, I booked tickets for Agatha Christie’s ‘Mouse Trap’ which is celebrating 60 years, the longest running show ever. Agatha Christie is one of my guilty pleasures dating back to when I was a teenager and could devour one of her books in a weekend. I suppose now, many years since I was a teenager, reading her crime novels transports me back to those carefree days when I spent hours reading compared to the 15 minute snippets that I manage nowadays. Honestly, as a child/teenager I could easily spend hours sitting in a chair with a book, now I’m lucky to snatch time at lunchtime and bedtime, anything more is truly a bonus. Actually, I have a confession, which I did, do feel very guilty about, but…. here goes. A few months ago I purchased a bumper pack of sixty books of Christie’s work via a Kindle app and I feel very naughty saying the price was less than a grande hot chocolate with whipped cream at my favourite Starbucks. Is that so wrong? Yes, I agree that is so wrong. I do hang my head in shame, honest I do.

I am currently reading ‘The Paris Wife’ by McCain, which details the love story between Ernest Hemingway and Hadley, his first wife. It has been an eye opener for me, as I’ve always held a specific image of Hemingway, and yet this book shows a very different side to him. The novel portrays his determination to be published, so he tries to put ‘life’ on hold, without success. I am empathizing with him throughout, feeling his frustration as life cripples his creativity. I have a feeling that I am suppose to be siding with Hadley, the lonely young wife, sadly, as a writer I’m feeling Hemingway’s pain instead – well worth a read anyway.

My dog walks are still proving to be very creative – this week I have drafted poems about a tiny dormouse which the pup sniffed out, a heron perched high in a tree and early morning peace.

I missed my Grace Dieu Writers’ meeting on Thursday, due to work demands – but hey, I’m hoping that such cancellations will become a thing of the past – very soon.

Today, my plans include a visit to the Garrick theatre in Lichfield to see the ballet, Swan Lake. I bought the tickets eons ago, amazing how dates come about soooo quickly.  My intention is to catch the early train, spend some time writing in the beautiful library of Lichfield and have a bite to eat prior to the matinee showing. This evening will be spent at my laptop shaping the next chapter for ‘To honour…’, plus drafting an idea in preparation for Wednesday’s Mad Hatters’ meeting. Oh yeah, I think there could be a football match on as well.

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