Friday, 15 February 2013

Holiday, coincidence and writing plans

Evening folks – an early update as I had spare time on a Friday afternoon. The holidays have begun and I have a plan for an entire week, laid before me. Honestly, I have. More about my plans later, but first my week.

Last Saturday me and hubby went to see ‘The Mousetrap’ – I can’t ruin it, so I’ll just say I loved it and thought the production and set design were great. I was so engrossed the performance was over before I knew it. I thoroughly recommend it. A little incident occurred in the row in front of ours so I came away with an idea for a short story as well – bonus!

Sunday saw me wading about in a university essay, which had to be put aside before completion, using the Harry Potter and Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry text – I shall complete this tomorrow and send.

The rest of my week has been filled with odds and ends of writing – little snippety bits that have swum about my head for so long that they’ve clogged up the system. But, I knew that I had a free work week coming up and so needed to plan for the bigger project – which I hope will take up my time.

This week coincidence has played a vital part. In my current project TFD there is a particular sport which I’d had difficulty researching and getting hands-on experience - low and behold, out of the blue I was offered the opportunity to attend a day’s course. You guessed it I jumped at it, though I had to smile when the organiser said ‘I really didn’t think this was up your street.’ I smiled sweetly, if only you knew!

So, my plans for this week – I intend to dedicate my time to project TFD. My word widget seems to have been stuck at the 21,000 word for a few days, while I cleared the decks. I intend to polish and refine some of the writing I did last week. I have a writer’s meeting on Wednesday and plenty of university study to squeeze into the remaining space. All in all, a packed week for me – but, hey, that’s what I love.

Remember you can follow my week on Twitter @odwyer_author – I promise, I shall post morning, noon and night.

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