Saturday, 14 December 2013

Jane Eyre, Plans and Christmas

Morning folks, I have just one task today - to write an essay on Jane Eyre. I started a plan for it earlier in the week, but today is the day. I've got a cracking question and so many ideas and quotations to craft together. I've already put in a few hours and need to add some more this afternoon.

Last week was one crazy week. I managed to snatch a daily writing session but it was a struggle. Christmas planning is eating a huge chunk of my evenings but I'm nearly there with the To-do-list.

My novel is coming along which is pleasing to see, even if it is slower than I'd like. I'm on track to complete by draft one by the New Year. I've had to do some emergency research for an unexpected plot line - but hey, it all adds to the excitement.

Plans for the holiday, which start next week! You know me, I don't enter a holiday period without a daily plan. Anyway, a lazy holiday is definitely not on the cards - I plan to work each morning from 7 - midday. If needs be I can drift into an afternoon session. I have no intentions of heading out over Christmas - the perfect holiday spent at home is what I desire. So there's no fear that by the time I return to school draft one will be complete.

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