Saturday, 20 December 2014

Holiday, promotion and a plethora of bugs

It's official, I'm on holiday! Given my absence for two weeks you won't know just how good that feels. I've had a nightmare, quite literally. I wrote my last blog regards November being such a dream then bang! December serves me a plethora of bugs, colds and coughs.... the worst I've had in years. I stopped writing... for four days solid, that's how bad I was. To be fair I haven't completely recovered but I can write... a sure sign that I'm on the mend. The effect on 'December Daily' a pledge made with my friend Bella Osborne has been a immense turning it from a daily task to a game of weekend catch-up - definitely not what we'd pledged and shook hands on. 

Some good news, I secured myself a promotion at the day-job which alleviates uncertainties and stresses. All good news in my book.

You know me well enough to know I have plans, a tick list and a whole host of mini goals prepared for this holiday. Over the next seventeen days I hope to write, blog and tweet on a regular basis - so please take my hand and let's step into Christmas.    

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