Sunday, 8 February 2015

I'm back!

Hello. Remember me?  I wouldn't be surprised if you'd forgotten! Given the month that I've just survived, I can assure you I am so glad to be back. January 2015 is going into my memory as the strangest, most stressful, time zapping month of my life, so far. It was a horrible month and now that I'm sitting safely in February, I can call it every name under the sun. But it taught me one thing - I have to write.

Without my normal writing pattern I feel ill. I feel mentally and physically unbalanced, I feel stressed, I have migraines, I don't sleep, I don't feel grounded - in short, I am not me! For so long I have had this amazing creative outlet which I take for granted and yet when it is decreased or diminished to the bare minimum I literally feel like another person. A stranger. Gone is the song in the morning, gone is the smile, even my laughter sounded different. A non-creative impostor has walked in my shoes.

January happened for a hundred and one different reasons; one or two were my fault, the thousand other faults belonged to other people - but having had a weekend of creative tasks and writing I can honestly say I've returned to me. My fingers simply wish to dance upon the keyboards and spy the line of characters spreading across the white page. I'm back, and if feels great.

So, my plans for this week - to polish a short story competition piece, to catch up on social media and to prepare my W.I.P for my full attention come Friday night onwards when I start my holiday. Boy, am I going to spend some serious time in my writing room.

In the interim, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Bella Osborne's debut novel It started at sunset cottage which is published on Thursday, as well as Jo Thomas' The Olive Branch.

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