Saturday, 21 November 2015

Love Stories Awards - 'New Talent Award 2015'

It has finally happened, the dreamlike state that arrives when someone calls your name. The stomach swirl, the trembling lip and yes, tears of joy arrived last Wednesday evening. For me, it was the beautiful Emily Yau announcing the winner of the 'New Talent Award 2015' at the Love Stories Awards. And I'm delighted to say, I've been perched on cloud nine ever since - I have no plans to return to planet Earth!

For those not present at the awards near Piccadilly Circus, this 'soppy head' did indeed begin to cry, afterwards many authors mentioned how touching it was to see and remember that initial feeling of recognition as an unpublished writer.

I was stunned. I had attended purely to celebrate being one of the shortlisted nine - I hadn't even planned a 'thank you' let alone an acceptance speech! But I stand by my few words 'of thanking those present who have supported me' - you have each given a little bit of yourself, be it interest, time or advice, to aid my writing journey.

Congratulations to Tora Williams, Debbie Fuller-White and Emily Kerr - I was honoured to be amongst such a stunning shortlist! A big 'Thank you' to Sarah Taylor and Kate Nash for organising the Love Stories Award but the biggest 'thank you' goes to my dear RNA friend, Bella Osborne for sharing a very special moment prior to the announcement and drying my tears afterwards.

As I write, my beautiful 'New Talent Award' sits alongside my other treasures - it'll be a constant reminder of happy memories and a boost towards my next goal!

Bella Osborne, moi and Tora Williams at Love Stories Awards


Rosalind Rendle said...

I can only imagine how you must feel but it couldn't have been awarded to a nicer more generous person.

Bernadette O'Dwyer said...

Thank you Ros, I still can't believe it X