Saturday, 30 January 2016

Hibernation, recharge and tadah!

Have you ever craved total peace and quiet from the outside word? Where life becomes simple and your mind focuses only on the things that matters? Me too. So at New year I took the decision to extend my Christmas holiday feeling and put up the 'closed sign' to the rest of the world and have had a month of reflection.

I banished the daily buzz of electronics, the continual blast of news reports, the frantic stream of emails, the snippets of info via messaging - basically the interruptions to my creative life. The interruptions that stop me in my tracks,  divert my thoughts and effort from my chosen task.

January has officially been my hibernation month, much like my colony of pet tortoises.

I instantly regained time, I've focussed on the task in hand and enjoyed not having the constant up-to-date info on what's happening outside of my heart and mind. Instead I've written, planned and read. Bliss.

As February dawns I have emerged and woken from hibernation, like the tortoises, with a huge feeling of renewed energy and creative focus. I feel I've undergone a detox of the modern world and am now ready to tackle 2016 - so, happy New year and Tadah!

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