Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Technology, nature walks and a 35 year old wish came true!

Hello my friends, a whole five days late regards my regular post but I have finally made it on-line. Last Thursday, 10 March, my computer died, not my writing laptop - thank God, but the families main computer linked to the net. It simply froze and refused to budge, much like me infront of an Austen drama. Anyway, to cut a very long story very short, a very nice man was called, who after a day of playing and deleting viruses has renewed my faith in technology and restored my sanity. So, here I am, ready and eager to blog about the past few days.

Saturday, saw me attend the second workshop for phase two of The Polesworth Poetry Trail. I'll tell you it's hard posing as a poet when you're truly a writer....I got told off by two people for using a dictaphone...honestly, one said I was cheating! Never in the writer's world would that be classed as cheating... poets obviously work harder than us writers not just in the word selection department but also in writing long hand on paper. Anyway, the day was a blinding success, a huge group of poets and me wandering about the nature reserve seeking inspiration from the surrounding beauty. I was delighted to see Brian Mitchell, an acquaintance from a previous writing group, who'd I lost touch with. I even did extra homework by attending the very next day with husband in tow to retrace our steps and see the reserve on a quieter day. The sun was beaming, the birds singing and I was delighted to bump into two other workshoppers doing the same as me.

Anyway, this weekend I had a 35 years old wish come true - all from being a little cheeky - if you don't ask, you don't get. As a child, growing up in Polesworth, I used to ask my mum whilst out shopping 'who lives in that big house?' The house I was refering to was Pooley Hall, a beautiful hall built in 1509, that is hidden amongst dense foliage on the outskirts of our village. Well, since those first inquisitive questions at five years old I've longed to visit, nose about and basically see the village from the inside of that house - tall order but hey, this week I managed it - I even climbed onto the Hall's roof and stood amongst the battlements decorating the tower!!! Boy, did I get a view of our village. I was given a guided tour of the property by its current owner who was taken aback by the wealth of knowledge that I have about his home, even more so regards the ghosts stories associated with it. Anyway, I was given a rare opportunity to fullfil my wish providing lots of ideas and inspiration for my poem .

Regards me poem, I am now fixed on one theme, Pooley hall, and am begining to draft word lists, themes and images upon which I can begin to expand into single lines. My head is currently like a shed with lots of grand plans but we'll have to wait and see how much comes through on the page. I shall probably go and make a start now, as it looks like my writing group has been cancelled due to the shortage of bodies.

So, apologies for the late blog but technology let me down big time.

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