Saturday, 5 March 2011

Rachel's Holiday, Mad Hatters and a music exam

Afternoon readers, it seems to have been a busy old week, with lots going on and so my writing has suffered. In fact everything creative has suffered. I haven't even written my diary this week, let alone my novel draft.

Wednesday night, at The Mad Hatter's Writers' group, I read aloud my offering 'Thirteen clocks' which was well received by my fellow poets and writers. They seemed to enjoy my snap shot of an old clockmaker forging his identity within the modern world. It was a short story inspired by Orwell's opening line of '1984', 'It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen'. At the writers' group, we set ourselves group exercises of which the opening line was my offering. In the time that we've been doing this exercise, we've taken inspiration from a black and white print, a poem, a floor plan of a house, a colour photograph - from which we've each created interesting and unqiue work. Each exercise stretches our creativity and offers me a chance to attempt a genre outside of my comfort zone. I'll let you know what the next exercise is, maybe you could give it a try and possibly share the end result.

Today, in the United Kingdom is World Book Day; of which I've played an active role by distributing 48 free copies of the Marian Keyes book, 'Rachel's holiday'. I've been able to give the book to friends, family, work colleagues and a local library - in the knowledge that each book has been gratefully received. Each book has a unique number and, if registered, will be tracked throughout its 'shelf life' (heehee, shelf life - I like that) to see where it will end up and how many hands it has passed through. I feel a short story coming along based on that idea.

I sat a music theory exam on Thursday, so had to spend some time revising musical terms in preparation - though it all paid off as I actually enjoyed the exam process and fingers crossed will be awarded a merit or possibly, a distinction grade. I had to smile, there were only two adults sitting the exam and 26 children - its quite humbling seated next to a ten year old sitting their grade five!!!

So, my goal for this week is to write, write and write a little more. I have a fairly quiet week ahead, so there is no excuse. I still have ideas for a poem germinating in my noggin but I have until Saturday to nurture those.

Finally, can I say a huge hello to the new readers from Iran, Morroco and United Arab Emirates - the audience is steadily growing each week. Enjoy x

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