Saturday, 19 November 2011

Juggling, struggling and realisation

Morning folk, it’s an early blog from me as I’m heading off to the Birmingham German markets - in search of Christmas presents for the extended family.

My week has been a bit of a juggle between day job and writing – I could really do with another half term holiday to focus my energy.

Monday night, I managed to proofread two chapters of ‘Her’, which seems to be a slow process.  

Tuesday night – I missed the Goblin poetry night in Ashby, due to a University evening where we discussed Faraday’s reputation – which I have to confess, I found fascinating. So many great lives have gone before us, leaving behind their knowledge. Though, the urge to write a short story fictionalizing my fellow pupils is growing with each session – I shall jot down a few notes into my ideas book and find some time to plan.

Wednesday – was a wipe out. I was so tired, I fell asleep in the chair and remained there until bedtime – annoying but I must have needed.  

Thursday evening, I polished a poem about a tennis shoe, which had been floating about my head whilst on dog walks. I now have 11 poems so, whilst on a shopping trip I took a trip into the children’s section of Waterstone’s to take a look at the poetry section. I made a list of the publishers, on which I’ll do my homework using the Writers’ and Artists’ Year book before deciding what I’ll do once the final eight poems are crafted.

Friday night, the family sat watching the Disney version of Christmas Carole, which got thinking of my Christmas pasts, Christmas present, Christmas future. By the end of the film, I had an autobiographical piece mapped out in my mind, which I hope to begin drafting this weekend.

All in all, a fairly quiet week at home for me, with lots of thoughts and new ideas forming for the future.

Having juggled the week as I have - fighting for my writing time, I’ve come to a decision that from this point on my ‘time’ has to be valued in relation to my novel. At a writers’ workshop, Jo Bell had explained that we can all run about being ‘creative types’ helping, supporting and doing for others, while our own projects patiently wait for our return. I acknowledge that networking is very important but it has to be the right networking for my project, not others. Such thoughts have also coincided with the realisation that I don’t want to be a jack-of-all-trades; simply one thing ‘an author’ and so all my creative efforts will be put into that one goal. My new mantra is ‘if the time spent doesn’t assist my project and goal, then I can’t afford the time’. Sounds pretty ruthless but if I want what I want; I need to do what I need to do – to make it happen for me. See, I told you I’d been navel gazing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m prepared to do a lot, outside of writing, in order to obtain my goal; creative branding, media workshops, elocution lessons, even 1:1 training on presentational speaking – some skills I’ve already addressed. In this media driven world, where the whole package is the desired option, I really feel I need to focus my attention on me and mine.

After some rather deep thinking, I shall love and leave you. Remember, you can follow me on Twitter Odwyer_author for further creative musings. Enjoy!

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