Saturday, 26 November 2011

A weekend wish list, song writing and writing treasures

Morning folks – I have a free weekend to myself, as Hubby is away on a training course. So, I am up early making the very most of every single moment. It feels like a luxury having the house to myself, with a free routine to do as I wish. As you’ve probably realised by now, I’m a list person – so my first task was a ‘wish list’ to accomplish this weekend - my main task will be editing chapters of ‘Her’, in between which I’ll do smaller tasks - complete a shoe poem, a sketch for the shoe poetry project and a  couple of printing jobs needed for short story competitions.

At Wednesday night’s Mad Hatters writers’ meeting, I read four of the shoe poems – all received positive feedback, some with a little giggle. I was pleased at their reception considering they’ve been created upon dog walking duties. Amazing what you can achieve with 30 minutes twice a day. One member asked if I’d found the poetry helped regards my novel writing? I have to admit it has. I’ve seen the poetry in the same manner as a ‘warm up’ exercise at the gym. As I’m currently editing my novel, my creative outlet has been limited in the form of short stories, so the daily poetry has helped. I have just six more shoe poem to write – so we’ll see what happens after wards, I may even begin another poetry project.

I failed to attend the Grace Dieu writers’ circle on Thursday evening due to a cold - which I don’t seem able to shake off. I sent my apologies before hand but it didn’t seem quite right being at home missing their creative delights. I may not be able to make the next Grace Dieu session due to having an appointment at blood donors – which I couldn’t possibly miss as it will be my 50th donation – yes, you read that right folks 50 pints! Which will be number 17 ticked off my April Fool list (see right hand panel).

This week, I was introduced to a new magazine called ‘Be: magazine’, a quarterly publication produced in Worcester, which is the official magazine of the Worcester Literary Festival. The editorial team are seeking submissions for short stories, poetry, and features.  For further details, take a look at their submission guidelines at

Just like last week I have continued pondering many aspects of my writing world – one being the restriction on sharing future ideas. I’m all for sharing experience and advice but I have come to the decision that from this point I won’t be sharing my musings until they are complete. It sounds harsh, but I don’t know of any other writer that details their ideas prior to completing - many refuse to even talk about a current project. I have to start seeing my musings and ideas as ‘treasures’ upon which my future depends – so from now, my lips are sealed.

Monday, 28th November, I’m attending a song writing session in Lichfield, organised by Barry Hunt. I met Barry whilst attending the Polesworth Poetry Trail workshops back in February. Barry was successful in creating a song for the poetry trail, which is situated within the Pooley Heritage Park. I am hoping to gain a creative outlet that will help my novel writing, much in the same way as Barry attended the poetry to gain creative ideas for song writing. Finger crossed, all goes well and I’ll be able to share my experience next week. Should you be interested in attending the session, please contact Barry Hunt on
My current reading book is ‘The little stranger’ by Sarah Waters – the book is not what I’d expected - some strange goings on have occurred and I’m hooked. I can’t keep my nose out of this book – which could prove to be my down fall on my free weekend. I continue to plod with Middlemarch.... oh, it’s such hard work. And, I must say a belated ‘Happy birthday’ to George Eliot for 22nd November.

I have ordered P. D. James’ new release ‘Death at Pemberley’ – I’m a sucker for anything related to Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. In fact, I thought the postman would have delivered it today, along with ten Mr Men book ordered for my little cousin – sadly, nothing has arrived.

Tomorrow Radio Four has a midday programme dedicated to Ian Rankin – so, I’ll be tuning into drawl over his Scottish tones. Phew, I’ve gone all of a quiver. So, on that note I shall love and leave you.

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