Friday, 6 July 2012

Summer countdown, new Tweeters and a room of ones own

Evening folks, I thought I’d write an early update, as I have some spare time on a Friday night. I’m delighted that the working week is over – it’s been a tough on one, my energy levels are pretty exhausted and the countdown has begun for the six weeks summer holiday – 10 more school get ups!

My writing week has been pretty simple – I’ve returned to ‘Her’ as I need to post a manuscript to RNA New Writers’ Scheme by the end of July. So, I have plodded away reading each chapter, frantically searching for anything that is out of place or missing. I’ve repeated this each night this week and am hoping that the job will be complete by next Thursday.

Joy of the week! I have been awarded a classroom of my own at school, so am excitedly dressing the walls with my favourite book posters. Posters, which I’ve purchased over time, are now getting to see the light of day – I simply can’t wait! Once the transformation has occurred I may even treat you to a classroom photograph.

I have had numerous conversations about ‘that book’ this week – other people have become quite heated that it isn’t on the literary scale, therefore it must be a waste of time. I feel that you have to take it for what it is, escapism and entertainment. Though, I did dissuade my mother from purchasing it, certainly not her cup of tea. I’ve always been a ‘book worm’ but it’s been funny listening to others define why they read. I personally read for the same reason others watch films, listen to music or play computer games – purely entertainment. I have always read a wide range of genres and authors – yet, the reason remain unchanged. I don’t understand why others try to argue that ‘Fifty Shades’ has to tick any other box to make it acceptable to read. Go figure!

Talking of books – I am progressing nicely with Alcott’s ‘Little Women’ – it has proved far easier to read as an adult, than it was as a child. Though, the variance of language has got me wondering just how much I truly understood as a child – I can’t recall asking my parents to explain specific words.

This week, I have just one writers’ meeting with the Mad Hatters on Wednesday evening. Last session we set another group exercise based on a snippet of intriguing dialogue.

Person one: ‘Are you ready to do it then?’
Person two: ‘As ready as I’ll ever be.’
Person one: ‘O.K. Let’s get it over with.’

The general rules are to complete a short story written purely in dialogue – I know we won’t be reading these out this week, so I don’t have to rush with my idea but, I’d like the plot sketched out before next Wednesday.

Finally, my plans for the weekend revolve about my husband’s birthday – though, I will be snatching some time at my desk, even if it means I need to get up early tomorrow morning.

Remember you can follow me on Twitter @odwyer_author to receive random updates throughout my week. There was a surge of new Twitter followers last week – so a big hello to you all. Enjoy!

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