Friday, 12 October 2012

Submission, NaNoWriMo 2012 and surprise!

Hello my lovelies, how the devil are you? I had a spare half an hour so thought I’d spend it with you guys! So, sit back and enjoy an early post on a Friday evening.

I’ve had a strange week, some highs and low in the creative department, many highs and lows in the day-job department but, all in all, a decent week.

I left you last week, trying to write a submission piece for the Stroke Association’s Celebratory book – well, the little grey cells worked wonders and an idea transpired. You’ll remember that the inspiration had to be the number 20, so I’d opted for the 20th element on the periodic table, calcium. Anyhow, I spent Saturday morning researching and by the evening I had the draft I needed. A short piece of 250 words but it was jam packed with information. It took me right back to my study days and science classes. Writing a factual piece made a refreshing change, as I usually stick to fiction, though I did craft the piece from a creative angle. I went to bed last Saturday very happy with my submission but, I kid you not, I woke at 7am on Sunday morning less than impressed with the final line. So, I had no option than to change it. Hey presto, within minutes the editing was complete and I the submission sent.

You may remember that I’ve decided to enter this year’s NaNoWriMo and so, my head has been busy plotting and planning. My writing buddy Helen Phifer is going to kick my ass good and proper if I don’t complete – so there is no fear of me failing this year. With Helen’s support I can do this, I can do this, I can do this…. (my mantra for the entire month of November). Anyhow, I have decided upon an idea which relates to my dog training classes – yep, I’m going to use all the little ideas that I’ve collected over 16 months - but that’s all I’m sharing with you, for now. I plan to write each lunch time at the day-job and then at home on the weekends. I have already worked out that I need to write 1667 words per day – which is a comfortable amount once I get going.

Tuesday night found me at my desk busy with a writing session. I managed to introduce another hunk into the plot, one which I found myself falling for in a strange authoress kind of way. I thought I could land this guy with a few personal secrets, which are in fact mine, but hey, it was good fun creating a male me and I’m sure he’ll cope better than I ever have. The novel is beginning to take shape and the characters are coming alive – though the interaction isn’t as smooth as I’d like – but hey, that’s what editing is for.

Wednesday night was robbed from me by a stinking headache from the day-job. The evening was a total wipe out - the only good thing was hubby making me a rhubarb crumble to indulge my mood.

Thursday evening, I missed attending my Grace Dieu Writers’ Circle as I attended Jackie Kay’s appearance at Birmingham Book Festival. I wasn’t as enthralled as I was a week ago at seeing Simoin Armitage but none the less, she was very good. Talking of Simon Armitage – I think the kids at school are now sick of me mentioning it. I actually taught ‘The Clown Punk’ this week to a class of yr9 – which made me smile.

Which brings me to tonight, Friday night. There’s probably one hour remaining before I dive into my pit for a decent sleep. Tomorrow my plans revolve about school work and lesson planning. Sunday is marked as my writing day. I am hoping to write another chapter of ‘Weigh’ – which will see the action truly flow between the characters. I do have some university work to complete – but that’s more of a leisurely pace than usual so I can sit back and enjoy that study session.

Earlier today, I sent an email reserving my membership within the Romantic Novelists Associations’ New Writers’ Scheme. A job that I’ve been meaning to do for a few weeks – so hands off, nobody will be getting my place on the NWS, unless of course I get a publishing deal in the very near future.

And finally, I surprised another friend today with my ‘secretwriter’ secret – I really do love telling people my news. Its not that they don’t expect me to be doing something interesting, its more a case of wow, you do that aswell!

As always, you can follow me on Twitter @odwyer_author to receive random updates throughout my creative week. The follower numbers are going through the roof – which humbles me greatly. Enjoy x

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