Saturday, 12 January 2013

New blood, Inspiration and fairies

Morning folks, I’m hoping you’re all happy and healthy. I am the former, but not the latter given the horrific cold that I’ve picked up. But it’ll come in handy as an excuse for a day of quiet writing.

I returned to school after the holidays so it’s back to the juggling game again. Sometimes, I forget just how much energy it takes to be doing the dual existence – which is what most people have to do before they are published, and some afterwards. It’s almost as if my writing life only gets the spare end of the day energy, which is the last in the tank and the day job takes the premium  - oh, how wonderful it would be if it were the other way around. Anyway, less of my moans.

I had two writers meeting this week. Wednesday, the Mad Hatters met, Mal Dewhirst returned after a short absence due to poor health, so it was great to see him and have his contribution.  Thursday saw the return of the Grace Dieu Writers’ where we were delighted to receive three new members – always a bonus for any group as it brings fresh blood and ideas into the mix. All three had very different writing styles and their attendance perked the whole group up – which was lovely.

I’ve started the New Year with fresh eyes looking for opportunities regards my writing – I mentioned Simon Whalley’s book ‘The Positively Productive Writer’ which provides a ‘spring clean’ to my muddled brain. Anyway, I’m opting to increase my work with quarterly inventories and reflections scattered throughout the diary. It’ll give me time to focus upon my output but also reassess and reflect on where the work is being sent.

Word counter widgets – have you noticed that they are increasing each time you visit? Such a simple little tool and yet they have motivated me so much knowing that you guys are viewing them too. But how many other little motivations do I use? Quite a few when I think about it. I’ve always kept a diary since I was a teenager and each day I add in details regards the writing tasks I’ve completed. I’m a strong believer in routine/habit followed by mini rewards – it trains my brain to flip into an automatic work mode as soon as I sit at my desk. I use a lot of visual reminders too, like little notes and objects about my desk which remind me of my dream. The dream if you’re new to this blog is to have a novel published. Simple.

Last week I also had to write an essay on Barrie’s Peter Pan – for my university course. I have to admit that I have never read or seen the films of Peter Pan – I know the story but had never experienced either before now. Now, I’m a person who likes to know the background of a story, the author’s life of events and so you won’t be surprised to hear that I spent an age reading up about Barrie himself. OMG! What a sad life story. Literally from childhood their was a ‘lost boy’ an older brother whose shoes he tried to fill, then came trauma and upset in his adult life, quickly followed by the befriending and later adoption of ‘five lost boys’. It goes without saying that Peter Pan literally was an outpouring of his own fictionalized story – which is why I always hunt the life behind the writing. So, at the age of 41, I too can now answer the question ‘Do you believe in fairies?’ – Yes, but only once my essay had been completed and sent, as the little buggers didn’t turn up to help me write it.

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