Saturday, 26 January 2013

Shakespeare, Pride and Prejudice

Good morning, I’m up bright and early for a writing day. I plan to do nothing today other than write, spreading my time between my current novel and a short story.

If you’re following my word count widget you’ll see there has been a huge jump over the past week – yay, to snow days at school. I had the joy of spending the whole of Monday at home writing – I managed an output of 4400 in one day. That is quite an achievement for me. My personal best in one day was 8000 whilst writing ‘Her’ and then 7034 during NaNo 2012 in ‘Pooch Parade’. Anyway, today I’m aiming high.

My treat this week, was having to reread Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘The Tempest’ as part of my job and therefore, have reignited the delight of Shakespeare’s work. Too many focus on the age old argument whether he wrote them or not, so much so they forget to focus on the work and the delight of the English language.

I attended both of my writers’ meetings this week. The Mad Hatters was a small gathering, to which I didn’t take my work as I’d planned. We had an evening of literary chatter and critiquing. Thursday, I attended the Grace Dieu group – which was buzzing with people and work. I read chapter one of TFD – receiving positive feedback which was encouraging. We’ve recently had an influx of new members and again on Thursday, we had more – which is all good for the mix of the group.   

Monday 28th January is the bicentennial anniversary of Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ being published. I shall honour the day by rereading the book, for the umpteenth time in my life. I haven’t heard many people mention the anniversary so I shall be surprised if others at work even know about it, even though we are an English department. But hey, I shall have my own mini celebration on Pride and Prejudice day! Over the years, pupils have asked me why this is my favourite book? My answer ‘I discover something different each time I read it’ – I can’t say that about other books.  Admittedly, I have read it about ten times.

Finally, I’ve had a sort out of writing magazines that I regularly receive; ‘Writers’ News’, ‘Writers’ Magazine’ and ‘Mslexia’ which I’ve read for many, many years. I’ve browsed others but would suggest subscribing as they are a constant inspiration and writing advice.

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