Saturday, 25 January 2014

Poorly, frosty morn and ideas

Morning folks, you find me wrapped in a duvet seated before my laptop. I have had the mother of all colds descend. It caused me to cancel any idea of attending either of my writing groups :-( each night I've struggled to stay awake much after my evening meal and have consumed a trillion calories via cough medicine. There really should be a light version of syrups.

Anyway, writing wise, the thing that has saved everything going to the dogs was my early morning slots. Yep, how amazing is that given my moaning last week about how difficult it was! I took full advantage of early rises from coughing fits and near choking in my sleep ... and wrote instead.

Being so poorly gave me the chance to sit and ponder beneath a duvet - marvelous ideas flooded my mind so I gained a wealth of ideas - all duly noted for the future.

The early morning first thing on Tuesday ignited inspiration for a poem - which I drafted on my return from dog walking. Yep, as poorly as I was I still walked the pooch. I shall revisit the draft today.

So, plans for today? Writing, writing and more writing - that's it. Should anyone drive by my house, you'll see a plume of energy burning brightly from my writing room. Have I mentioned I now have a writing room? Of course I have, I waited long enough for it. Well today, I shall be hibernating like teenager when the dishes need doing. I'll be spotted at mealtimes sneaking down the staircase and returning as quick as a flash once my plate is cleaned. Don't worry husband had been warned.

So, thanks for all the follows on twitter the crowd grows each week at @odwyer_author. I do try to follow back, especially if you're an author... though I block many that make energetic offers and are scantily clad!

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