Sunday, 19 April 2015

Live, Breathe and LOVE writing – confirmed!

Ever needed an extra boost of writing inspiration? As I near the end of my current project I felt I needed a little something to refill my ‘inspiration tank’ guaranteeing I reach the finishing line. I chose Tamsyn Murray’s fabulous ‘Live, Breathe and Love writing day’ held at the Theobald’s Park hotel, near Cheshunt, London. Her guest speakers for the day were Miranda Dickinson and Julie Cohen - what more could a girl want to boost her flagging creativity?
Eleven other writers, a mixture of experience and genres, arrived fresh faced and bushy tailed to participate in the day long course. Tamsyn began by expelling negative thoughts with a smashing talk filled with inspirational quotes and anecdotes of success.  I won’t go into detail as I wouldn’t wish to ruin the day for you, should you wish to book and attend, but one particular quote hit a chord with me.
Miranda Dickinson provided us with the all-important writers’ survival kit – piece by piece. Again this was a very thought provoking session which gave me a boot up the ass regards certain aspects of my routine that I have possibly neglected or abandoned in recent months. That will be rectified!

Julie Cohen’s session was a practical delight as she filled the room with post-it notes which immediate made my stationery loving heart sing. I know, sad isn’t it? Anyway, she showed me yet more ways that I can use the little blighters to help regards planning and even synopsis writing.

My immediate tasks following the course:

1. Delete my ‘epilogue’ and create chapter ninety

2. Purchase yet more coloured post-it notes

3. Revise my personal writer’s survival kit

4. Complete the final stretch of my project

5. Re-watch the film ‘The Jerk’ – such a funny movie.

I highly recommend booking yourself on any of these writers’ courses – not only do you receive much needed knowledge and a motivational boost but the trio revitalise your creative spirit with  humour, humility and their genuine friendship.
For further details please visit their websites - you won't be disappointed...

Miranda Dickinson

Julie Cohen

In addition to this fabulous course, I was given the very best start to my creative weekend by Late who arranged for a surprise envelope to arrive at the hotel prior to my arrival. Imagine my confusion whilst checking in when the reception lady said 'You've got mail' - I don't think so, sweetie. She was right. Marvellous Mary of  the 'make magic department' belonging to Late had sent me lovely new fountain pen... with a little note saying 'isn't this a novel way to start a great weekend' - Mary, you were so right! It just shows the simplest of gestures in our busy lives can truly delight.
It made my two night stay a delight enhancing the one day course into a mini writing retreat for myself - it would have been rude not too.


Tamsyn Murray said...

So glad we were able to inspire and re-invigorate you! And what a wonderful present from Mary.

Thanks so much for coming, and for this fab write-up. It was brilliant to meet you!

Bernadette O'Dwyer said...

The pleasure was all mine. I would recommend other writers come and share a day with a delightful trio.
All the best, Bernadette