Sunday, 26 April 2015

Ten out of ten - effort and progress

Following my delightful weekend at Live, Breathe, LOVE writing! with the talented trio Tamsyn Murray, Miranda Dickinson and Julie Cohen - I pledged I'd restart my early morning writing session. The 5am wake-up call that had been long forgotten in favour of the lunchtime slot at the day-job plus the evening session. Anyway, Sunday night I set the alarm before going to sleep and damn it, the device is accurate to the second: it rang at 5am!

Monday morning 5am isn't my most glamorous but I prised myself from beneath the duvet and walked to my writing room. I was greeted by a beautiful dawn chorus and a sultry sky. Within seconds the time of day was irrelevant and I was editing. I worked until six o'clock then readied for the day-job. I'd done it, it felt good and for the rest of the day, I metaphorically patted myself on the back. So I managed three writing* sessions per day, Monday to Friday - I say writing I'm actually not at the writing stage but you get my drift.

Each day was a delight, a real pleasure to do, accompanied by the dawn chorus and a sultry sky - the difficult part is that shrill alarm and rising to a vertical stance. So... my plan for this week is to repeat as last week: Monday to Friday 5am, lunchtime and evening sessions.

Friday afternoon I rewarded my efforts by visiting my favourite shop: the stationers, arriving home with a bounty of goodies for my writing room.

Saturday morning began with the instruction to self 'to tidy that room' and I did, armed with bin liners, Mr Pledge polish and my faithful Dyson. I was shocked by the amount of wasted paper I had lying about in piles around my writing room but I did manage to find two poems that I'd written but never typed. I also found two scribbled ideas for novels - double bonus!

With a little shufty about regards furniture and reading books, I have created more space and more places to balance the new pile of waste paper for the up-coming six months. All in all, one cracking day of organisation and later writing.

A tiny addition to my writing arsenal is the countdown date/clock that I've downloaded to my Ipad. Boy, oh boy, a visual shock seeing how many days I given myself to finish this project.

For this week, I've awarded myself 10/10 for effort and progress :-)

* writing - anything to do with my current project be it planning, editing or musing.

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