Sunday, 31 May 2015

Holiday week - 'To-do' list - I did it!

Have you ever written a 'to do' list and thought, I've not a hope in hell of getting this done? Last weekend, that was me. My list detailed every task I knew had to occur regards my current W.I.P: changes, deletions, additional details and then a full copy edited. It was school holidays, I had one week away from the day-job to focus on my 'To-do' manuscript list.

I have to be honest, I felt like crying, seriously it hadn't seemed so bad listed in my head but seeing it written down, ouch! Surely that was more than a week's amount of work? But, I made a start - because as we know that's vital for anything and everything to occur.

Husband was literally saying goodbye to attend his work at 7am and retuning to find me eleven hours later in the same spot: my writing room. Only the dirty cups and plates in the dishwasher were indications that I had left the room, oh and the hound dog expression of the pooch, who is thoroughly fed up with me being such a bore!

Day 1 - I was surprised by how much I'd ticked off my list.

Days 2, 3, 4 and 5 - I repeated the routine from the first day and received a surprise each day.

Day 6 - I am as high as a kite, literally husband suspects I've been drinking all day.

Day 7 - The same as Day 6 - with the added bonus that I emailed my chosen proof-reader Julie Gibbs to check it's alright to send in a few days - as it looks like my 'To-do' list is ending.

Day 8 - The same as Day 7 (without the email).

Day 9 - Today, I have a few dates to recheck but that's all... the list is complete :-)

Today my manuscript will be delivered to the safe hands of the proof reader - wow, I did it!

Tomorrow I return to the day-job with the satisfaction of having completed my writing goal.

My lesson learnt from this week - regardless of  length of the 'To-do' list - simply make a start...

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