Sunday, 13 February 2011

Polesworth Poetry Trail, World Book Day, sunshine and Treacle Town delight

What a week! I had a fabulous weekend with the house to myself - the fingers tap danced non-stop after I'd off loaded my moan and a groan on here (thanks for listening). Monday, which is usually my worst writing day turned out to be quite productive. I say it's my worst day because I  feel Monday is taken over by the day job. Though not this week - I was able to edit a short story about a wedding dress so was pleased with my efforts. Though, in hindsight my motivation may have been forward planning, knowing that I was going out on Tuesday evening, so that would be a wipe out regards writing.

Anyhow, Tuesday night was spent at a little wine bar close to home called Jack D's in Atherstone, where a four piece, rhythm and blues group called Treacle Town entertained us by pounding out favourites such as: Hound Dog, Mustang Sally, Walking the dog, Hoochie Coochie Man - you name it, they played it. The evening zipped by, the red wine flowed and the crowd steadily grew as the live music filtered out to the neighbouring market square. I was amazed by the scope of the audience: young divas dashing in for a tipple,  jovial friends huddled in groups eagerly catching up on good times, numerous couples and a smattering of young blood wishing they were a generation older - all enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and excellent music - conversations were punctuated only to provide a much deserved round of applause. All in all an excellent night for music lovers. Jack D's wine bar offers a range of entertainment every Tuesday and Thursday nights - so far each one has been a delight to attend. Future events: Friday, 18th February - a karaoke night - though, whether I shall be warbling Gloria Gayner's 'I shall survive' is not yet decided. Jack D's Tel. 01827 722 447 for more details.

'Faulks on fiction' - a fabulous television series began last Saturday night. I for one went AWOL for the entire hour, returning home only when the credits rolled. Presented by Jonathan Faulks, author of Birdsong, he invited the viewer to focus on the subject of literature heroes - giving his account of why readers adore such characters. He declared the nation's first fictional hero as Robinson Crusoe, followed by Feilding's Tom Jones and Thackery's anti-hero Becky Sharpe of Vanity Fair. I'm yet to watch this week's episode on 'lovers', which I'm saving for a quiet moment guarenteeing I go AWOL accompained with a large glass of merlot.

Talking of books and heroes, it's World Book Day here in the United Kingdom on Saturday, 5th March 2011 and I have been selected to receive 48 copies of one of my favourite books, free of charge, to distrubute prior to the glorious event. I had to write a review of Marian Keyes novel 'Rachael's Holiday' explaining why I would wish to distrubute this particular novel. I am delighted to be chosen and be one of  20,000 people distrubuting one million books.  So my friends, you may well be receiving a free copy to enjoy or pass on to encourage another to partake in the annual event. Though, how funny will it be collecting 48 novels from Waterstone's bookstore and leaving without paying for a single book!!!!

Some news to share - I eagerly filled my diary this week with dates for the forth coming workshops relating to phase two of Polesworth's Poetry Trail. Malcolm Dewhirst has announced the four dates (26 Feb, 12 Mar, 19 Mar and 26 Mar 2011) on which poetry workshops will be held to craft suitable poems to complete the Polesworth trail. Please, please, please take a look at the link below 'Pollysworda' for more details - these workshops will be over subscribed and places will be quickly taken - act now if you wish to take part.

And finally, you'll be wondering why I have posted on a Sunday evening when my usual blogging spot is first thing Saturday morning - well the truth of the matter is that when I woke yesterday morning the sun was streaming through the curtains. I literally couldn't bring myself to spend one minute of the day inside. So, I switched my writing day about, to enable me to enjoy the first sunny day of 2011. I promise, I made the most of it. I marvelled at a line of white washing gleaming in the sunlight, scrubbed winter dirt off pathways and driveways, I even disinfected three rabbit hutches - more on those little furries another time. So, today when the wind and the rain has returned, I have re-drafted chapter seven with the added satisfaction that yesterday, I made hay while the sun shone.

Wow, a mammoth posting from my tiny world but hey, enjoy yourself and have a good writing week. Midweek will find me attending the Mad Hatters' writing group - of which I'm looking forward to reading out a short story called 'The clocks were striking thirteen' to my fellow writers.

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