Sunday, 27 February 2011

Edinburgh, a deep fried mars bar and Polesworth Poetry Trail workshop

Morning all, sorry that my blog is again a day late but I have good reasons - honest. I have been on holiday to Edinburgh for the week and so spent my time walking up the endless number of steps that cover the city. I don't mean the odd 12 steps in one flight, oh no, 110, 287, 162 in just one flight! That, and benches - I've never seen so many wooden benches in my life - obviously required due to all the steps!
     Anyway, I played the tourist regards the wonderful castle (how have they crammed so much on top of one hill?), a tasting tour of Scottish whiskey, the marvellous Camera Obscura, the million pound in the Mond and the Writers' Museum - see, writing is never far from my mind, even on holiday. 
     The writers museum is dedicated to Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Burns. I was most interested in RLS as I knew bits about his childhood and his illnesses that kept him from school and surrounded by books. What I didn't know was that his book 'The life of Deacon Brodie' was actually a fictional piece based on a notorious citizen of Edinburgh, from whom RLS pinched..., borrowed many details - heehee, just like the rest of us.
     Our trip was completed by consuming the Scottish delicacy (which I always thought was an urban myth).... a deep fried mars bar - I kid you not, reader. Unwrapped Mars bar, dipped in fish batter and fried for about five seconds - absolutely gorgeous - sickly but gorgeous. Husband commented that it would be worth buying a deep fat fryer purely to indulge ourselves at home - though, I would be the size of a house if that happened.
    My holiday week was rounded off by attending the first of four workshops for phase two of The Polesworth Poetry Trail organised by Mal Dewhirst (please view 'Pollysworda' link for specific details). The day flew by as my mind was transformed for a little while into that of a poet - which I don't find easy. It was a classroom based workshop outlining poetry techniques, poetry themes and the general requirements of the poems. I came home buzzing with ideas, which I am now trying to link to several themes that took my fancy. As I was born and bred in the village I want to give my all to this project - so I shall be trying my hardest to produce a poem worthy of selection. Whether I fullfil that goal, we'll all have to wait and see but I shall be sharing my offerings with you along the way. It'll mean that my weekly writing day will have to move to a Sunday for the next five weeks, as Saturday will be consumed by the Poetry Trail work. Yes, I'm being a good poetry student, next Saturday is being dedicated to research in preparation for the workshop on the following Saturday.
     I return to the day job tomorrow, refreshed and nourished by poetry and literature, though my mind is firmly fixed upon the Grade One music theory exam that I shall be sitting on Thursday. I bet I'll be the only adult in the exam hall - which will give me a giggle.
     Have a good writing week - enjoy.

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