Saturday, 31 December 2011

Blog anniversary, New Year wishes and writing resolutions (plus updates)

Happy New Year folks! I absolutely love this day. Firstly, it is my wedding anniversary and secondly, I love the thrill of a brand new year ahead, packed with exciting days and achievements, as yet unknown!

Today is the last day for editing ‘Her’ – so, I’ll be hot footing it to my desk as soon as this blog is up-dated. I’ve had a decent week working on my novel, re-igniting the energy for the project. My next steps towards publishing are planned and I’ll share as I complete each one, promise.

I have written numerous poems this week in an attempt to complete a mini project before the end of year – sadly, I have seven remaining, but I’m looking on the bright side I’ve completed 13! In fact, I’ve completed 33 in total – important, to have a positive outlook on everything.

It is 200 years since ‘Sense and Sensibility’ was published in 1811, so I’ve indulged in lots of Jane Austen celebrations this Christmas by watching numerous film adaptations. I was glued to the screen whilst watching the ‘unseen portrait’ programme, I agree with the experts that the portrait has many similarities to family likeness, connections and the historical period. If it isn’t Jane Austen, full marks to whoever created it for keeping us guessing, hee hee.

Tomorrow, 1st Jan will be the one year anniversary of this blog – I confess, I didn’t think I’d keep up the weekly habit. I thought I’d run dry on material and information to share and that it would possibly die a death within a few weeks. I would encourage all writers to start a blog as it has kept me on track and producing work all year. Believe me, when I say, that during moments of laziness (I don’t have many but every now and then) I have thought, so what are you going to share with the bloggers if you sit watching t.v.? It has motivated me to fire up the laptop and within minutes I’m so glad to have had the ‘boot up the ass’ – at the very thought of you guys. Thank you x.   

Talking of you guys – I can now confirm that I have more returning overseas visitors than I do from my home land. An interesting detail, which I’ve been watching for a few weeks – I’m obviously going to have to work harder to boost my UK visitors. Remember that you can catch me on Twitter too, search for odwyer_author.

As you’d expect, I have a list of New Year resolutions/goals purely for writing – I’ve created a little section on the right hand panel so you can track them with me.

  • To find an agent
  • To complete a my second main project
  • To send out three mini projects
  • To enter six short story competitions
  • Increase networking with novelists
  • To embrace every writing opportunity
Tomorrow dawns the beginning of ‘River of stones’ everyday throughout January 2012 - anyone can participate by taking notice of their daily world and then writing about your discovery. For further details please check out

As you’d expect, I haven’t any writers meeting to attend, so have an entirely free two weeks in which to produce something new and exciting to read. I’ve a couple of ideas for short piece musing about the old brain box – I let you know next week how they’ve geminated and grown.

There’s remains little else to say, other than to raise a glass and wish you all the very best of New Years, and I hope 2012 is the most productive one yet. Cheers!

Update 31st Dec 2011 7pm - I am proud to announce that I have managed to draft 7 poems this afternoon inbetween editing 'Her', so my mini poetry project has been completed on the deadline day. Hooray!

Another update 2nd Jan 2012 4:30pm - woohoo, I just wanted to share some great news. Sorry, I really should have said 'Happy New Year', anyway, the news. I have been accepted on the Romantic Novelists Association New Writers' Scheme 2012 - heehee. I was interested in their scheme last year but missed the opportunity as the 250 places were allocated by the time my application was received. So, I have waited like a good girl and.... given that the application window opened at 2nd January 2012 at 00:01 - I was camped next to my computer, I timed it perfectly and my initial email requesting membership was timed at 00:02 - perfect! I have just received confirmation that I have been accepted. I've completed the necessary and it is winging its way to them, as we speak. Oh boy, what a nice start to my year!    

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