Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas wishes, Café Muse and my apprenticeship

Christmas Eve – woohoo. I love today, as it signals to me the end of Christmas prep, because if I haven’t got it by now, we can do without! So, let the Christmas celebration begin. I have just, and I mean just finished icing my Christmas cake – the first one I have made in many a year. But this being my 40th year – I don’t think I’ve mentioned that before, but I thought I’d put the effort in this year.

Anyhow, let’s get back to business. I have been on holiday all week, and am pretty pleased with my effort. I have edited and checked punctuation of ‘Her’ everyday, written three poems and have spent a little time working on my scrap book for the next project - all very exciting.

Monday, I discovered a sleepy little café which serves the best hot chocolate with the most generous amount of marsh mellows ever seen! I was as happy as Larry, scribbling away surrounded by a happy babble of tea cups and locals. I have nick named it ‘Café Muse’ as I loved working there for the hour or so. I visited three times this week and have promised myself that I shall visiting in the New Year.

Wednesday evening, I attended this year’s final Mad Hatters’ writers group – just four members attended to read and receive a critique. I read four shoe poems – which received decent feedback – there were a few suggestions regards on piece but nothing queried on the other three.

You’ll remember that in February I attended a series of poetry workshops in connection with phase two of Polesworth Poetry Trail, in Pooley Heritage Park. My poem ‘Jutt’ was selected for inclusion on the trail and I have been informed that my poem will be in place by the end of March 2012.

Thursday and Friday, both very wet and miserable days saw me tucked up at home with the laptop tapping away through the chapters of ‘Her’. Each time I read my draft I find something that I hadn’t seen before, on a couple of occasion I have been surprised by the content or the language – I literally can’t remember writing some phrases.

The current process reminded me of when I was a child helping my dad with his business. He provided candles to Catholic churches and occasionally, I’d have to help wick and pot boxes of votive lights. Of course the busiest times of the year were Christmas and Easter – so it was all hands to the deck. Sitting editing ‘Her’, brought back the memories of me sitting for hours wicking candles – not a complicated process but a mind numbing, back breaking job  - which resulted in your fingers being cut to pieces – you almost lost you fingers prints! Anyhow, I served my apprenticeship well; it prepared me for editing a novel – thanks dad!

The most visits this week goes to Russia – not that I’m counting, as I love seeing each country visit and read.

Finally, it is nearly a year that I’ve been writing this blog. I began on 1st January 2011 (1.1.11 – got a thing about dates, as you know) my only hope was that it might encourage me to remain focused on my writing – it has more than accomplished that tiny wish. I wondered at the beginning how I would have enough o write about each week, but never has a week gone by when I haven’t had more than enough to discuss. I feel that I now have a live and reliable account of my year as a writer, and would encourage anyone else to start blogging. An added advantage, is knowing that I haven’t been alone in this world of writing, others…., you, are out there in the very same position and understand my rambling thoughts and musings – thank you!

As always you can follow me on Twitter be searching Odwyer_author. Enjoy a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

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