Saturday, 11 February 2012

Juggling, charging and a vow to try harder

Morning folks – am I glad to see you guys. I have had a tiring and pretty stressful week with the day job. I have attended three days of interviews to secure a job for September – only to be rejected on the smallest detail. I am literally gutted. It would have been my 2nd dream job (1st being writing full time). Anyhow, onwards and upwards as they say, so be careful with me - I am delicate at the minute.

The trouble with dividing your energies is that something has to give. Yes, you've guessed it, my writing. I haven’t, and this is no word of a lie, I haven’t even switched my lap top on since last Sunday!!! Shock confession but I have to be honest with you guys. It has called my name each time I have walked passed but I’ve mastered the deaf/blind persona each time as the guilt has risen in my throat. So much so, today I will be writing all day and to ease that guilt, I even promise to clean my screen before hand, as a treat for her being so patient.

The experience of this week, has yet again brought forth my constant compliant that if only I didn’t have to juggle, my debut novel would be complete by now, and who knows where that could lead. I feel cheated. I’ve put aside my beloved writing to secure the day job only to have my creative side feel robbed and erased, feeling second best. For those that haven’t read this blog from the beginning, I have been pursuing two plans: plan A - writing my book and plan B securing a career as a second option for the last six yeaars. I know I’m not the only one that has to do this, lots of authors before me have struggled to secure their chosen career – but the energy it takes is immense.

O.K. less of the moaning more of the action. Today, I am going to indulge myself at my desk. I have lots of ideas swimming about in my head, a small poem came to me this morning whilst cleaning – oh yeah, my cleaner let me down as well this week (shakes head, roll eyes).

I must tell you about a book I’m reading called 'Room' by Emma Donoghue – a fabulous little story about a young boy, it captures your interest from the word go. I’ve nearly finished, but I’d definitely recommend it from Kindle at the shock price of just 99p.

Whilst talking about Kindle ebooks – my short story is doing very well. I have to say at every stage in life you learn a lesson – I have learnt much from this little project. Some which I shall keep to myself, because as mum always says ‘if you haven’t anything nice to say don’t say anything at all’. So I won’t, but I have taken note. I’ve realised that it doesn’t matter how much you support others it isn’t always two way traffic. People would prefer to tell you lies than fork out a small price to enjoy your work, some even feel the need to ask for it for free so they don’t have to spend any energy getting to a book site. Honestly, this little project has shown me so much in regards to human nature as my psychology degree ever did. Now, I realise that many new writers may be reading this and asking why am I complaining if others are buying it? I suppose it’s because I’ve had to justify why I am charging for my work. As a writer, I have given away many short stories, to aid my CV – I expect to do that for editors and magazines. I will add, I think it shows an element of goodwill towards creating a rapport and name for ones self. But, there comes a time when I have to respect the amount of hours that I have sat alone, away from my family, working on a single piece, refining and editing to the point of madness. The final draft of some of my stories has been draft twelve or even, fifteen. So, yes, I am now charging for my work, as a writer should. This doesn’t rule out me ever donating work in the future, I am certain I will. For this particular story ‘A front row seat’ I chose to publish on Kindle to assist my writing career by showing agents and publishers that I am prepared to venture into publication and marketing.

I think I should also add, never have I not supported another writer or poet when they have gingerly offered me a copy of their anthology priced much higher than I have requested for my work. So, I hope that has stated my case or even got other folk, new to writing, thinking about their own talents and efforts. Your time is precious, don’t give it away without good reason.

If you have purchased a copy of ‘A front row seat’ on Kindle eBooks I thank you from the bottom of my heart, if not, why? Sorry, only joking. Could I ask that buyers return to complete the feedback section as it helps other potential buyers to decide.  Details of Amazon/Kindle eBooks site is posted in the left hand panel.

Plans for the week ahead, I am on holiday for a one week and so I am out and about with the family. I will be taking my Ipad, I will be writing and I will be researching. I vow to you that I will have exciting and witty news to share next week. Apologies for being such a lazy mare this week, but the sensible day job persona took over well and truly – but now, the arty, creative gal is back in charge and raring to go.     

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Update: Sunday 12th Feb 2012

As promised yesterday, I made sure that I spent the entire day at my desk and am proud to announce I wrote a short story plus three poems!!! Just what my creative soul needed to kick start my creative holiday. See you next Saturday for more announcements. Enjoy!  

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