Sunday, 19 February 2012

Pandas, poems and plays

Evening folks – I’ve been away to Edinburgh for a week’s holiday so I'm behind with my blogging. I have to tell you with great excitement that I've seen the two beautiful pandas at Edinburgh zoo, sooooo gorgeous it is untrue. Both Sunshine and Sweetie performed perfectly well for our viewing session by gamboling about and eating bamboo like true professionals. So, I can tick another event from my April Fool List – I haven’t many weeks left and still a few too many items remain, check out the panel on the right hand side.

We managed to visit many of the tourist sites that we’d missed on a previous visit, climbing the Scott monument, camera obscurer and for me, The Elephant House café where JK Rowling penned parts of her first novel. I marvelled, as I had previously, at the loyalty of Greyfriar’s Bobby – the terrier that lay upon its owner’s grave each day for 14 years! Edinburgh – what a wonderful place!

Anyhow, whilst visiting Scotland I managed to write two  short poems and plan a short story for a competition entry.

Whilst away and unable to proofread – I had a little spring cleaning session regards productivity. I can proudly say that since October 2011, I have written 52 poems, three short stories and edited/proofread twenty six chapters – not a bad inventory for a gal that works full time, studies and is part way through her teacher training. I thought the ‘stock take’ was rather a thought provoking task so have decided to repeat the activity quarterly – it’ll help keep my momentum going if nothing else.

For the day job I have had to read Goldsmith’s play ‘She stoops to conquor’ - yet again, I have discovered a little gem outside the confines of my usual reading choices. I’ve had to read it to assist sixth form ‘A’ level students – but have thoroughly enjoyed the little farce. My next text, which I am hoping proves to be just as enjoyable, is Tennessee Williams’ ‘A streetcar named Desire’ – I’ll let you know how I get along.

This week, I found myself trying to explain to my mother about ‘writing’ – oh, it proved difficult. Why is it that strangers are always so much easier than family? She nodded, ummmmed and arrrred in all the right places, yet I just know that she didn’t get what I was trying to explain. It seems so natural to me to wander about shopping, queuing and living whilst my head plans and organizes a chapter or a short story. Only to come home to draft, edit or re-arrange the piece. My mother’s expression announced that she obviously thinks we’re all simply mad, reinforced by her remark ‘Oh, no. Sounds like your brain never switches off,’ – is it supposed too?

I have two writers' meeting this week; Wednesday - Mad Hatters and Thursday – Grace Dieu. At both meetings I shall read  a short story called ‘Happiness’ which I drafted last weekend as a competition piece - though it needs a little polishing before its unveiling. Thursday’s meeting is being held at Coalville library as we’re having a guest for the evening, Lauren Westwood who is showing a film called ‘Life in the woods’ – everyone is welcome to attend, for further details please visit

It has been a long weekend and so I’m going to love you and leave you now – but remember you can follow me on ‘Twitter’ by searching and following odwyer_author – please pass this blog onto others who may be interested. Enjoy!

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