Saturday, 4 February 2012

Synopsis struggles, blurred life and an OBE for Juggling

Afternoon folks, I am quite late with today’s update but given the week I have had I’m simply pleased to be posting.
A whirlwind seems to have descended upon my life this week and whisked it into a hullabaloo so that I don’t know my head from my elbow!

I had an absolutely fabulous writing day last Saturday, which I thought had set me up for the week – sadly not. With the house to myself, I’d worked all day, indulging my love of silence. I should mention that this synopsis business is really getting me down at the minute. I am literally adding and removing text all over the place – I shall be bald by the time it is written to a standard I desire.

Anyhow, Monday saw an action packed day at the day job – which I then resented once home. I was drained of all energy, ready to throw the towel in regards human beings were concerned. Honestly – it was that bad!

Tuesday saw an almost Ground hog day of Monday, except I didn’t get lunch nor breaks! And developed a stinking headache. And yet again, I returned home determined to emigrate to a planet without humans – or at least a two week vacation.

So neither night did I work on my writing – when really it was the one thing that would definitely do me some good!

Wednesday - my spirits were lifted by a notification that Marian Keyes had posted a blog update. I dashed to her site in order to read and follow a brave lady who has been honest about her recent absence. I actually had a smile dawn upon the old chops – it literally made my day, no correction week, to read of her return.

Thursday was a blur as I managed a fifteen hour day at the day job – I kid you not. I didn’t have time to think let alone compose a sentence.

Friday, saw me return to my old school after 25 years to experience their teaching. Boy oh boy – did I feel old. Though, I was amazed at remembering specific conversations as I walked about the school site. Friday, 5pm and I was dead on my feet, I sat on the sofa for the first time since Monday and.... fell asleep. No meal, no drinks, no wine – simply sleep.

I woke this morning knowing that I had a feat and a half to conquer – to writer a 1200 word essay on Pugin and Catholicism. And, yes, that is what has taken up the best part of my day so far. But, and I feel like screaming this. I am about to take the dog out for a long trek, then when I return I am firing up my laptop and ignoring the bods in my house because I am going to indulge my mind and write. I am not even going to look at the synopsis but write from fresh..... bliss.

So my dear followers, you can see I have had a nightmare of a week, the outstanding tasks and pile of shite heading my way doesn’t seem to be getting nay smaller but I shall do one thing at a time and see where I end up – fingers crossed, I will eat and sleep in between the to-do-list entries. But I promise, I shall be attending my two writers groups this week, Wednesday and Thursday night and that in the midst of madness I will Tweet - as this too has gone by the by this last week. I would hate for my followers to think I was neglecting them – honestly, I think of you often.

One good thing about this week has been my collecting short stories entries that I haven’t had chance to even read but now sit as a new collection upon my desk calling my name. Hello little flyers, I shall now read you and may begin the process of creativity whilst on the dog walk. If all else fails, I break up on Friday for a week’s holiday, so I shall keep you safe until then.

From a hurried writer, who is at the end of her tether wondering if the day job is truly worth any of this juggling? In fact, I self nominate myself for an OBE for Juggling. Now, that would put a smile on my face. Enjoy!

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