Saturday, 29 September 2012

Children’s literature, W.I.P and The Campbell Burns Metabolic Trust

Hi folks – a late update today. This morning, I was busy attending my first university tutorial for Children’s Literature course. Sorry. So, how the devil are you? I’ve had a busy but delightful week.

Last weekend, you’ll remember that I was reading poetry at a 10th birthday celebration. Well, well the weather was awful, the Gods were definitely against us in every way. It was a wash out. The performance consisted of 7 poets plus 2 husbands, the audience - 3 adults and two children. Certainly, not what I’d been hoping for, but hey, at least our performance spot was changed from underneath the M42 motorway bridge to a warm and cosy room, where we remained dry. The poets present shared the readings, ensuring that the entire trail was read between us. Regulars will know about the Polesworth Poetry Trail that snakes through the village of Polesworth and ends within Pooley Heritage Park, Warwickshire. My hubby took many pictures as it provided a photo opportunity for my scrap book.

Tuesday evening saw me taking full advantage of a silent house – I worked my little socks off on my W.I.P and was delighted with the read-through on Wednesday evening. I’ve found that this project is progressing at a better rate than my first novel ‘Her’ – I’m being more critical with each chapter before moving on – a huge mistake made with the first draft of ‘Her’. So, far the feedback received has been excellent – let’s hope that continues as the chapters grow.

Wednesday saw a reply for the local council regards a research question I had put to them. I had written two letters last weekend requesting additional details. I shall be honest, I wasn’t expecting to hear anything. So, imagine my amazement when I received such a swift reply, a lovely reply at that, with an additional map included from a council officer. I have kept his name and will, in time, thank him for his efforts.

Thursday evening – saw me at home for a writing evening on the W.I.P. I have to say, as I sat at my desk I realised autumn has arrived - my toes were freezing cold. The view from my seat was beautiful, a dusky autumn sky but woo, the heating needs to be put on. I actually love the autumn session – the colours, smells and dark nights drawing in - provide me with a visual reminder that I’ll have plenty of hours indoors to spend writing.

Friday night – gave me a precious moment of reflection regards life and the entangled webs we weave. I attended a ‘Thank You’ bash – where I knew hardly anyone, but everyone made me most welcome. It was a party for hubby’s friends – but it gave me plenty of time to people watch and take note of the joys of life.

And so, to today. As I mentioned before I attended my university course tutorial this morning – this year’s crowd seemed very nice, the tutor - awesome! I have already begun my studies so I came away feeling very content with the path I’ll be treading between now and next May – I’ll let you know how I get along.

I’ve been out for my weekly trek with the pooch – he needs a decent walk, and so do I, to blow away the cobwebs having spent all week in school. Today, as always, I dragged my muse along for her weekly exercise – which she reluctantly attends. And, yet again, I arrived home with a head full of creative ideas, a renewed energy and a willingness to work.

Finally, throughout my time writing this blog, I have always tried to be honest regards my creative journey and my experiences as a writer. Well today, I must continue. And so, I do reveal that I have a heavy heart today, for I received the saddest news this morning. I have previously mentioned ‘The Campbell Burns Metabolic Trust’, created by a fellow writing friend to blog the progress of her baby son Campbell, who was diagnosed with Leigh’s disease. Tragically, baby Campbell lost his eight month battle yesterday afternoon – those who have followed their daily blog cannot help but be touched by this baby’s incredible story.

As always, you can follow me on Twitter @odwyer_author to receive random updates throughout my creative week. But more, much more importantly this week - love the ones you love – life is so precious. X

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