Saturday, 15 September 2012

Twitter followers, a perfect Saturday and a successful letter

Morning folks – it is a glorious day here, the sun being bright and warm. So, I’ve already completed an early morning dog trek about the local villages, I dragged my muse along for some thinking time – I have a writing day planned and so wanted to get my thoughts flowing before hand
It’s been a busy week, with the day job and the writing – which is all good news – I’d hate to be saying that I was bored, lifeless and had spare time on my hands.
Firstly, I need to say a big hello to my new followers on Twitter – I’ve had a recent splurge to boost my following and I can report back that Talli Roland’s suggestion from the RNA conference do indeed work – I’ve gone from a couple of hundred to seven hundred in a matter of a ten days! It has been wonderful chatting with new bods and hearing your success stories.

Secondly, I received a ten pound gift voucher for a letter I sent to a dog’s magazine several months ago. The voucher is for a pet store so I’ll be nipping in one day next week to purchase a few basics - which allows me to put the cash equivalent into my writing account. You may remember that a while back I mentioned Simon Whalley’s book ‘The Positively Productive Writer’ in which he explains how to increase your writing in a positive manner, I followed his advise and so far, it’s worked!

Last week, I had to forgo my writers meeting with the Grace Dieu Writers’ Circle but it was for a very good cause, I had to do my bit at Blood Donors. I lay there, giving blood, watching the procedure slowly pass about me. As always it was very relaxing and mind stimulating thinking about the characters and lives they each lead – so it goes without saying I have sketched a plot and I’ll keep you informed when it is written. It never fails to amaze me where my idea spring from – the most routine daily systems to the thrice yearly appointments – there is always a story lingering.

My plans for today, as mentioned early, comprise of a day at my desk – nothing else. I have a head full of ideas, fingers that are twitching to type and a hubby that has an afternoon of football to watch on the t.v. A perfect Saturday. Oh, I do have a cake to bake tonight – in the name of research, a plain Victoria sponge.

An update on my W.I.P. - chapter five is coming along nicely. I've a heap of research scattered across the dining room table that needs sorting but I shall ignore it in favour of a writing day.

Remember you can follow me on Twitter @odwyer_author to receive random updates throughout my creative week. I’ve had a huge increase in followers over recent weeks and the traffic to this blog humbles me beyond belief, it honestly does. Enjoy

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