Saturday, 22 September 2012

NANOWRIMO, Writing groups and Celebrations

Morning folks – I’m on an early start today, as I’ve got a ‘To-Do’ list as long as my arm. My first job is to visit the local library for a research session using maps of the local area. Then, if there is time, I would like to do some botany research relating to my current W.I.P. It will be a race against time as the library only opens for half a day on a Saturday – so, what I haven’t found by one o’clock will have to wait for another day.

But firstly, how was my week? A bit bumpy and lumpy, if I’m honest. Last weekend was filled with study and writing which set me on the right track for the week ahead. I managed to have an entire day of writing which paved the way for many ideas to be secured and saved. Though, the Victoria sponge I made, as research, was a complete disaster! How it ended up so flat and hard was beyond me but hey, it only goes to prove my coffee and walnut cake truly is my specialty.

Any way, Monday was a no-go regards writing – I was far to busy with family. Tuesday was a sheer delight. After work I knuckled down for four hours after a full day at work – heaven. Tuesday, also saw me contemplating participation in NANOWRIMO 2012 – where you write a novel draft between 1st – 30th November – just 30 days. Anyway, my RNA writing buddy Helen Phifer suggested it and yeah, I’m up for it. It’ll mean a slight change of plan regards my current project but I can do that. As I’ve mentioned before I do have a creative queue of ideas so I shall swing with one of those. The official website will be update in October, but there is nothing stopping you from signing up now. For further details please check out the website:

Wednesday night – I did attend my writing group but it wasn’t without fuss. We had a few members absent, which I hadn’t known about, so was told that with just three members, the other two didn’t want to attend. I was so miffed. I had given up precious writing time to prepare my chapter to read, had read another member’s piece twice so I could give her feedback and had refused another invitation for the same night. So at eight in the morning the writing group had cancelled the meeting. Now, if you’re part of a writing group you’ll know that there can be many issues and difficulties that arise – but the group gets through them with as little fuss as possible but sometimes, just sometimes, you have to speak up. Wednesday morning was one of my moments. The other two members had cancelled and I felt well and truly cheated. So, I sent a simple email reminding them that the Mad Hatter group wasn’t run by any one person but belonged to each of us as a group of creative individuals. That's actually one of the reasons why our group broke away from a previous group. Cancelling the meeting made it seem as though our work/critiquing/feedback isn’t worthy or of value. I also wanted member feedback on my piece, regardless of who the members were. Well, within an hour or so they had re-thought and the meeting was back on. Yay! I have to say, they each agreed with my email. Writing can be such a lonely business and the fortnightly meetings help to brighten the routines. I have to say, we had a cracking evening filled with much laughter, which was so much nicer than simply cancelling.

Thursday was a long, long day. I didn’t arrive home from the school job until nine o’clock due to the annual Open Evening night. A colleague had had the brilliant idea of preparing a newspaper in one night - so we’d been busy, busy, busy. Once home, I was too whacked to even read a book, so an early night filled with zzzzzzzzzzzzz was necessary.

And so, back to today. After my research session, I shall be back at my deck to plod away at the current W.I.P. Tomorrow, I have been invited to attend the Pooley Heritage Centre’s ten year celebration – where they have a number of activities going on; poetry readings, local fire engine, face painting - the usual birthday celebration events – though, I have to say, I think the weather will put a stop to most of it plus, I don’t know of any other the Polesworth Poets attending. I’ll have an update for you next week.

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