Friday, 8 March 2013

Goals, life and Follow Friday

Evening folks – I have literally walked from my desk having completed 3000 words to ensure that I completed the self impose goal that I set myself last weekend. Well, I did it – just! So, the total word count stands at 50,006 – see what I mean?

I haven’t had the easiest of weeks – my time has been filled with car repairs – which I’m not going to bore you with, but this the reason why my fingers didn’t touch my keyboard until Thursday evening!!!! In two nights I have typed six thousand words as I was too ashamed to report that I was a big fat failure.

This week, I did manage to write a poem about the world being ‘Popeless’ – which formed during a dog walking session. And I have been musing regards a one day project that I am hoping will come together during the Easter holiday. Other than that life has snatched my time away, leaving me feeling very tired, unsatisfied and deflated.   

My goal for this week – too write everyday – simple (we’ll see).

I have started to read ‘Brick Lane ‘ by Monica Ali – this book has been on my To-read list for about six years and it has finally been plucked from the bookcase. I’m only at chapter three – but am loving the new world that I’m being introduced too. You might remember that I was reading ‘When God was a rabbit’ by Winman last weekend – well, hubby is now reading it and I’m watching his reaction.

Short and sweet but literally this has been one of the least creative weeks of my adult life – I am determined to make up for it in the coming week.

Task one: to go and create a whole host of ‘Follow Fridays’ on Twitter J

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