Saturday, 16 March 2013

Poems, canines and research

Morning folks – how are we? It’s currently raining outside so we have a pretty miserable morning here in Warwickshire. But hey ho, it won’t stop me having a writing day.

An interesting week, far more creative than the previous week. Last weekend I managed to draft three poems; Crufts, The Pope and Any old iron? - which I managed to polish over the following few days. Each one was the result of a dog walk that the pooch takes me on twice a day; morning and night.

A quick scout on the internet proved that other writers have felt the benefits of canine company and regular peaceful walks.

P.G. Wodehouse and Jed, a dachshund.
Stephen King and Marlow, a corgi.
Virginia Woolf and Pinka, the cocker spaniel
John Steinbeck and Charley, a standard poodle
Ernest Hemingway and Black, Linda, Negrita and Neron – all cross breds
O’Dwyer and Teddy, a miniature poodle (one day)

The majority of my week has been split between research for my current project TFD
and writing a university essay. My university essay was the nicest I’ve ever had to write; ‘Mr Tickle’ compared with ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ – how lovely, is that? Anyway, two thousand words later and the task was complete. My research was slightly more frustrating as I’m trying to seek information that doesn’t seem to be freely available but hey, I’ll carry on trying. I suppose living with the internet at my fingers I expect to be able to find anything in minutes – I’m sure I’ll find it soon.

Today is going to be a writing day; I’ll head to my desk on completing this blog – and I may be sometime.

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