Saturday, 2 March 2013

Promises, beautiful books and films

Morning folks – here in Warwickshire it is a beautiful morning filled with sunshine, so this post may be a little shorter then usual.

Firstly, those that have been following my word count will see it hasn’t changed must this week – I know, the annoyance is itching at me. Literally the day job has filled my waking hours. My promise this week is to write, write and write – I promise you that I will. So my target is to reach 50,000 by next Saturday. Deal? Deal!

I have started a new book ‘When God was a rabbit’ by Winman – oh what a beautiful book, though I’m warning, it’ll make you cry if you’re a softy like me. The count so far is five separate times if I’m honest but oh, so worth every tear.

I have been mulling a few things over recently, I never stop mulling if the truth be known. But I’ve become so aware of how willingly us writers are to take advice from others, in the hope of improving our writing. I have to say please be careful who you take advice from, anyone can say they’re ‘an expert’ with little or no accomplishment, so dig a little and reflect on what they have achieved and in which genre. I recently heard of a writer doing a complete rewrite based on ‘expert opinion’ and low and behold heartbreak when you find their chatter is far bigger, and louder, than their publication list. Remember the age old advice write for you, write the story you wish to tell and read then take it to the professional in the publishing industry – the ones with the solid reputations and track record. Another mention is web sites that offer feedback on your work – please remember that anyone can hide behind a screen and claim to be a publishing phenomenon giving you scores and rates regards your work. I find it hard to listen to writers saying they are upset and disappointed as website members have said they should give up writing, when I know they have a decent ability. I think of it this way, Van Gogh, Monet, Steinbeck, Rowling, Westwood – any artist in fact, doesn’t allow their finished product to be posted/displayed just anywhere for criticism by any Tom, Dick or Harry – they took it to the industry professionals. Believe me, Van Gogh would never have painted another thing if my father had had a chance to comment on his work – so think on, you’ll chase you’re tail pleasing the inexperienced if you listen to the so called ‘experts’.

A little tip that I’ve just started to use, is to visualize my current project as a film in my head as I write. It sounds crazy but honestly, it has worked so far, and I’ve noticed that my writing has become tighter for it.

Finally, before I dash out to wash the car in this beautiful sunshine, I’ve started to think more about the technicalities of spoken language regards my characters: sociolect, dialect and idiolect – and I’m beginning to drip feed a little into each piece of dialogue.

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