Thursday, 4 April 2013

Champagne flows!

Hi folks, a very quick update.
Today, 4th April 2013 I have managed to write 10, 847 words in one day, but more importantly I have completed draft one of TFD. I began writing it on 27th December 2012 so it has taken me just 99 days.
I thought I'd share my news, as many of your return each week to follow my blog. I'm now off to open a bottle of champagne, which has sat in the fridge all day, awaiting my finish.
Cheers and night, night. X

Follow up: 6th April. Well what a week! As you can see from above I not only met my self imposed word count of 75,500 I blew it out of the water with another 11,000 and completed the first draft. I'm still in shock, if honest. Thursday started like everyother day has this holiday, up early, breakfast and then to my desk. It started to dawn on me at about eleven o'clock in the morning that 'today or tomorrow, this draft could be finished'. Well I mentioned that little detail to hubby, who asked why? I explained that given where I was with the written plot and the ending (which was in my head) the space between the two was becoming smaller with each hour of writing. Me being a freaky date person asked 'what's the date?' Hubby than said the fatal words that my psyche latched onto 'well its the 4th of the 4th and if you add the 1 and 3 together for the year - you also get four.' That was it, all the fours - from that point tomorrow (the 5th April) was no longer an option.

I literally wrote in one hour blocks, my word count rising all the time - with the end getting nearer and nearer. I just kept going, thinking 'today this will be completed, today this will be complete'. Anyway, in one hour chunks, with a blood donors appointment mid afternoon (at which I spent an hour dreaming) I just kept plodding. It helped that several Twitter followers kept encouraging me with a stream of 'Tweets' it was so nice to know others were rooting for me too. It came as a shock when I surpassed the 8,000 word mark at about eight o'clock on the evening and even more when I clipped the 10,000 mark nearer ten o'clock on the night. By this time hubby had snook into the kitchen and began clanging about, which I later discovered was the beginnings of my celebration cake that he whizzed up in the last hour! Anyway, to cut a very long writing day short, at 10:30pm I called hubby over 'do you want to see me type those magic words?' 'The End' which bless him, he did - I could hardly believe that I'd done it, but I had. 10,847 words in one day and a completed draft one. I still have 14,000 words to play with regards plot additions for future drafts. It was while eating celebration cake and sipping chilled champagne, that I'd dashed out to buy earlier, that I worked out it had only taken 99 days to write. I nearly fell off  my chair.

So, I haven't touched it since saving it to the hard drive on Thursday night. The plan is to wait until Monday and begin the routine of rereading and producing draft two. I shall set myself another deadline regards the completion of draft two and work to that schedule.

One task I am going to do is jot down the method I've used to write this draft - it has certainly worked for me. I will be following 'my pattern' on all future works.

Today, I've already been for a trek with the dog and created a small poem en-route, which I'll type up later. I have study to complete in order to write an essay in a few weeks plus I have school work to plan. So, no rest for the wicked... but yay, I've finished draft one of TFD.

Remember you can follow me on Twitter by searching @odwyer_author - I promise to continue to 'Tweet' as much as I have the last two weeks. Enjoy!

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