Saturday, 27 April 2013

Tortoise, creativity and promised progress

Morning folks, firstly I’ll make no apology for my somber mood this week – my pet tortoise died after 19 years in my care. I’m literally gutted. I’d bought Georgina as a tiny hatchling back in 1994 and Monday afternoon she died. I was so shocked I couldn’t bring myself to bury her till the next day – which hubby pointed out was most fitting being St. George’s day.  

As you can imagine sadness doesn’t do greatest wonders for a writer’s productivity but it appears it does wonders for our creativity. So whilst, mopping my tears and such like, I haven’t been able to crack on with my draft two but I have noted a million and one ideas that have filled my mind. For those new to my blog, I rely on certain tools to keep the imagination flowing and my note books are an essential part, enabling me to jot down ideas and then return and make additional notes when my mind has churned and expanded them. Believe it or not, but I can something be writing a piece where the initial idea came to me and was jotted down years ago – it has simply been waiting its turn in my creativity queue.

I missed my Grace Dieu meeting this week – due to work commitments – so a slap on the wrist for me. I really do dislike missing such meeting as it gives you a regular fortnightly boost meeting up with other writers. Which in turn, makes me slightly more ‘in need’ of the coming meeting, this Wednesday, with the Mad Hatters. 

So, my plans for this weekend – draft, draft and more drafting! I really feel as though I’ve achieved nothing this week – which in itself motivates me to knuckle down and get back to work.

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