Saturday, 20 April 2013

Draft two, laughter and flute playing

Morning folks – as I write this I feel I have very little to say this week – as only one thing has occurred this week - draft two! I can honestly say that all my thought and energy is being put towards my current project in the attempt to complete my RNA submission. I have promised myself that I won’t be completing the submission days before the dead line which I did with my first ever entry last year.

Regards draft two, I have introduced a couple of little aids that are helping my progress – I have a research pad beside me noting any question I have – I’ll dedicate one complete day to finding the answers, and wherever the research detail needs to be placed I am adding in an annotation bubbles, as reference for draft three. Each draft I produce will have one focus, enabling edit and rewrite in a sequence that should produce a rounded manuscript. I didn’t do this with my first novel ‘Her’ and I paid the price.

Last weekend, I managed to write my university essay which took a load from my shoulders – I just have one exam piece to prepare for late May, though the ideas have already started to flow.

I attended a writers’ meeting on Wednesday evening – it was such a hoot – the laughter definitely flowed, at one point a certain conversation entertained the entire room – which was very funny!  It seemed quite an honour that, in a public lounge, everyone’s ear seemed cocked towards the poets’ and writers’ conversation and readings.

I have always been a creative person: writing, painting and music – I struggle to play the flute as well as I’d wish too, but I find it’s a great accompaniment to my thought process. I believe it also reinforced my inner belief that every moment of practice pays off somewhere, at some time. And, I’ve started to connect this thinking to my writing - the very same applies – every moment I spend writing pays dividend regards improvement, progress and style.

Finally, before I love and leave you, my plan today is to complete school work but tomorrow the entire day will be dedicated to draft two.

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