Saturday, 25 May 2013

Holidays, Goals and Inspirations

Morning folks – I am officially on holiday – so have a week in which to bust a gut and do my very best regards TFD draft two.

The past week has been OKish, I managed to work each day but that will fade into comparison for the plans I have for this week. My goal, you know how I love goals, is that by this time next week I will be half way through draft two (chapter twenty). I have no other plans for this week other then my writing. As before, I’ll tweet each day regards my progress - so seek me and peek at @odwyer_author.

If you’d like to join me in a virtual world write in – I’ll be clocking in at half eight each morning – please keep me company if you’re also in a busting-a-gut-mode for the holiday week, we can support each other. I can predict there’ll be good, bad and ugly moments -there usually is where my writing project is concerned!

This week, I’ve found some beautiful inspirations on the web: Joanne Harris’ letter to her daughter – utterly beautiful, and Kate Harrison’s diary of an unpublished writer – which made me smile. Take a look, they each may generate a moment of inspiration for you.

I managed to craft a poem about snow globes and polished my Lady Agnew piece ready of the Mad Hatters’ meeting this Wednesday. I’ll let you know of the received feedback from the members.

I literally had another idea for a short story hatch while hanging out the washing out this morning so I’ll nip off in a second to jot down the basics before they vanish. The idea came from a noise I heard – which goes to show all the senses can help ignite the initial musings.

I need to love and leave, as this idea is starting to shape in my head. I’ll catch you on Twitter or better still we’ll sit down together for a write in starting tomorrow morning at 8:30am.

Remember you can follow me on Twitter @odwyer_author - look out for my Follow Fridays on Twitter, it may include you! Enjoy!

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