Sunday, 19 May 2013

I’m back, indulgence and resignation

Good morning folks – I’m back! And with a vengeance. I’m not even going to discuss last week, but it was the pinnacle of the stressful three weeks that I appear to have survived J.

So, today – what have I done? An early start at 6am found me editing and reading a short story about Singer- Sargent’s painting ‘Lady Agnew of Lochnaw’. I have just one week to polish and draft this piece before the Mad Hatter writing meeting on Wednesday, 29th May.

After a lengthy session at my desk, I took a well earned nip into town for the solitude that is Costa. Armed with my current reading book ‘Jojo Moyes’ ‘The Peacock Emporium’ (recommend by a work colleague) – I indulged myself for an hour as their only customer. Thank you, thank you, thank you Costa ladies – I had a wonderfully peaceful read – but shhhuuuuushh I’d hate to find it brimming next week.

By ten o’clock I was accompanying my muse buddy on his weekly dog trek – even the pooch has been neglected in recent weeks receiving the very minimum of mile plodding duties. My mind was finally free to enjoy the beauty before me, sunshine blessed my face and my muse tagged along as the creative ideas returned and filled my head in a joyous scramble. Bliss!

Once home, I performed a task that I’ve been meaning to get around to for a few weeks: resigning from a committee. I’m the first to encourage other to participate and become involved but recent weeks has shown me that I really do need to focus upon my work. I really can’t afford to return to the happy idiot that races about for the benefit of others. It sounds utterly selfish doesn’t? But like everyone, I only have a limited amount of time and energy to spend in any given week – sometimes we take on responsibilities that we think we can help but find our efforts simply consumed. I feel sad to have to resign after less than a year but now feel so much better knowing I can attend meetings without any responsibility or duties.

And now, for the rest of my day – you’ll find me at my desk jotting done the hundred and one ideas that are lapping my brain. It feels so good to have cleared the decks, survived the past four weeks and refocused my sights on draft two.

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