Saturday, 15 June 2013

Advice, homelessness poem and 2000th Tweet

Morning folks, I’m up early as my mind is buzzing with phrases and characteristics. The plan is to land at my desk straight after posting this update and remain there for the remainder of the day. Bliss!
So what have I achieved this week? Loads! I attended two writers’ meeting – both were very enjoyable for different reasons. At Mad Hatters I read my short story ‘Lady Agnew’ – which received positive feedback, and a discussion regards the coy expression captured within her portrait. Thursday evening, I attended the Grace Dieu meeting, where two new members joined us, and the usual suspects never failed to bring their talents to the table along with the belly laughs.

This week, I had the pleasure of reading a new writer’s work. I was very impressed with Ellie Finnerty’s work and gained much pleasure from the process. The whole process got my thinking about my own initial steps into the writing world, some eighteen years ago. Boy, when I think back. I had no contacts, no experience, no writing group, no writing friends, no idea of how to write but I had a whole host of How-to-write books (my faithful friends that remain dusty on a shelf). Anyway, I remember being desperate to know what the secret was about writing, which no one seemed to be sharing in my well thumbed text books. It took me years to realise that every writer has their own way of writing and finding that personal method should be the focus. I progressed so much having realised that the things that worked for me, were my method. Simple, but not obvious when starting out.

I delighted the pupils at school by writing a short poem on ‘homelessness’ during a lesson while they struggled to write a short story. While they worked, I walked the floor, drafting and polishing and by the time the bell rang, I read it aloud. The unexpected praise from a bunch of fourteen year old came as a nice surprise. Hummmmm, teenagers enjoying poetry J

It has become necessary for me to separate my family/friends and my writing career on my Facebook network. So, last weekend I sat and created a new page ‘Odwyer Author’ which is dedicated to my creative side. I was then humbled beyond belief by the fabulous writers and poets that accepted my friendship requests. By all means search and ‘friend request’ me – you’ll know it’s me as the picture is of this blog page. Come on, join the party! 

Finally, a mega big shout out to ‘Germany’ who is topping the visitors chart for this week. I have now developed an unhealthy obsession regards visitor numbers, but hey, I can live with it as it motivates me knowing you return each week. So ‘thank you’ for playing your part so beautifully in supporting me. Bless ya!

Catch me on Twitter, this week I shall be hitting my 2000th Tweet – so who will I dedicate it too? Will it be you, join and find out – Enjoy!

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