Saturday, 22 June 2013

Indulgence, a little green bookcase and deadlines (with update)

Morning, this may be a quick blog update, as I am raring to get back to my desk for a creative day. I’m currently half way through a demanding but interesting chapter edit. So, how the devil are you? Good, I’m hoping. I’ve had a pretty decent week, it started last weekend with a day dedicated to editing TFD, which steadily continued throughout the week, though last night I gave myself the night off. Me and hubby went out for the evening to celebrate his efforts ploughed into a work project. Anyway, I digress. I didn’t hit my self imposed deadline of 21st June, not by a long shot, but hey, simply having a deadline date motivates my ass into gear. Today, I’ll set another one (shakes head at self).

My 2000th Tweet occurred this week – I dedicated my tweet to the Campbell Burns Metabolic Trust – a special family celebrating the life of a beautiful son – please check out their website and support where you can. 

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my little green bookcase before - it holds my ‘To-read’ books. A tiny bookcase, that I remember buying as a single gal, and struggling to put together in my first home, which now stands at the top of the staircase and is groaning under the weight.  Anyway, I was thumbing through the books the other day hunting for my next read… and I have to confess some of the novels have sat patiently for near on eight years… honest, how naughty is that? I have previously slapped a self imposed book ban on myself, as a means of decreasing my ‘To-read’ pile but I think drastic measures are in order before hubby threatens to step in. So, I have selected six books that I promise to read by the end of the year:

Madame Bovary - Flaubert (current read)
My Sister’s keeper – Picoult
Enduring love – McEwan
A night to remember – Lord
Captain Scott – Fiennes
One Day - Nicholls    

 My little green book case is pictured in the side panel (apologies to any author who spots their book unread – sorry, I will get to it).

Update: the little green bookcase has been viewed by many authors and the delightful Carole Matthews has requested that I settle down for a cosy read with her Christmas book 'Wrapped up in you' - so as way of a sincere apology from me, her novel has jumped to the top of the pile. I've a cosy read so will someone make me a cuppa please? 

So, what’s in store for the week ahead? I have two writers’ meetings to attend: Mad Hatters on Wednesday and Grace Dieu of Thursday. I may have to produce work for each, so I can participate. I might have mentioned but I’m not reading out my current WIP as I don’t want others’ ideas or feedback to impose upon my current thinking. I’ll be happy to share once it has been submitted to the RNA and feedback received. So, in the interim I’ve either arrived empty handed or read other creative work at meetings. This week the Grace Dieu evening is dedicated to an evening of ‘indulgence and guilty pleasures’. I haven’t written my piece yet but I’m thinking of doing my indulgence of Agatha Christie books, probably doesn’t sound much to others but I love, lazing on the sofa, for the entire day to read one of her novels cover to cover. It happens too infrequently for my liking but I do revert back to a teenager when this was my ‘thing’. I know the rest of the group will have some wired and wonderful indulgence, nope mine is pretty simple. To be honest, I don’t ask for much in life, easily pleased with simple pleasures: silence, books and time. Hummm, sadly the former and latter seem to be rationed.

O.K. that’s it for this week, I need to return to my desk. Please hook up over Twitter @odwyer_author or search Facebook for odwyer author – keep in touch and keep up to speed with my progress. Enjoy!

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