Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Big Issue, Pinternet and Free days

Morning, I’ve been up for hours and so have had the most productive day ever. I’ve already polished, printed and posted a submission to The Big Issue magazine, for those outside the UK, that’s a magazine dedicated to the issue of homelessness. Anyway, I have donated my poem ‘Stryofoam’ to their magazine, a piece inspired by the tasks of the day job.

I’ve scoured the web for images of wrought iron gates and long drive way - all necessary for my current WIP. I’ve managed to find the perfect name for a female character, who has been bugging me night and day for the last few days – I’d originally called her Orla, but it wasn’t right - thankfully Tiffany is.

I confessed last week to having such a huge amount of books ‘to read’. Well, Carole Matthews poked me to begin reading her novel ‘Wrapped up in you’ – oh boy, I’ve had a lovely week wrapped up in Janie’s life. So, why not pick up a book from your ‘To read’ pile and indulge.

I attended one of my writers meetings last week, I naughtily cried off the other! I literally couldn’t pull myself away from my current WIP so sent my apologies before hand. Now, this is something I never do, I always attend when at home, always. But Thursday, I just couldn’t bare to bring myself to leave my desk – which was lovely, but it didn’t make me feel a tad guilty. But hey, I’m a writer, I have to go with the creative flow - especially when the tidal wave is that strong. Anyway, I’m glad I did I went to sleep a very happy gal. Sorry Grace Dieu, I’ll be there next time.

I’ve begun using Pinterest – as a means of sharing my inspirations and muses regard my work. I’ve created a couple of boards and given that ‘sharing is caring’ I’ve added a few ‘pins’ – to personify what makes me tick, so to speak!

I have the entire day free – so I shall remain at my desk – editing TFD. There is nothing else on the horizon for today…. so, catch me on Twitter, FaceBook or Pinternet by searching for odwyer author. Enjoy!

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