Saturday, 20 July 2013

RNA Conference 2013, Holidays and Decisions

Morning folks, I’ve had to upload two updates today, as last week there was an error on the ‘blogspot’ site so wouldn’t allow for my weekly update. But hey, these things are sent to try us.

First, I have to tell you about the fab time I had attending the Romantic Novelists’ Associations (RNA) annual conference, this year held at The University of Sheffield – a great choice regards facility and accommodation.

Well for those that don’t know, the conference brings together romantic writers from all areas of the genre for a weekend of workshops and talks… plus much chat and socializing. The weekend offers the chance to chat to such a friendly bunch of writers, exchange details and catch up on much needed news and reviews. I had a ball. I really did. The social highlight of the conference is the annual dinner on the Saturday night, where the speeches are interspersed with gorgeous meal and wine. It was a delight to have Morton Gray, from the RNA Birmingham Chapter, come second in the Elizabeth Goudge Trophy with her intriguing story about ice. A huge congratulation to Kate Johnson, who was declared the winner and was duly presented with a beautiful silver trophy.

I was delighted to have met up with my writing buddy Helen Phifer, who I met at last years’ conference in Penrith. Likewise, this year I played hunt the writer with Bella Osborne, via Twitter, who increased my writing buddy crew for the next year. In addition, I came home with a handful of additional emails addresses, Twitter followers and Facebook friends – each boosting the network support.

Last year, you may remember that the RNA goodie bag is one to be envied by any conference goer, this year was no exception. The eye catching, silver and pink combo, couldn’t be ignored as it bulged and heaved with fabulous novels, postcards, bookmarks, greetings cards and a horde of chocolate. What more could a writer wish for?

Sadly the fun was over by Sunday afternoon, when Pia Fenton, RNA Chair, closed the conference for this year, leaving us all looking forward to Shropshire in 2014.

After all the excitement of the weekend I arrived home to face the final week of the day job. The countdown focused on for 12:30pm Friday, 19th  - with each passing day, the plan for my six weeks holiday grew. And now, as I sit here it feels very exciting knowing the plans I have for the next 44 days. Boy, I won’t be wasting a single minute. Please follow me on Twitter @odwyer_author or facebook by searching Odwyer Author for daily updates and snippets of progress.

And finally, decisions, decisions. Whilst at the RNA conference I attended a ten minute editor interview with my current WIP TFD. The appointment was very useful in advising me of a few changes that are necessary to the plotline. The thing that threw me was that this current WIP was supposed to be my RNA NWS submission for this year. Can I make the changes in four weeks? After much deliberation, I think not… so what do I do? Do I send it as it is? Somewhat foolish having received feedback regards the plotline. Having mulled it over all week I’ve decided to submit the first eight chapters of another novel ‘Weigh To Go!’ – a book started last Summer but has taken a back seat once the TFD idea popped into my head.  I think it is more beneficial to my progress as a writer to have a second novel critiqued then ignore an editor’s view. So, last night I put editing TFD on pause for a week, while I focus on getting ‘Weigh To Go!’ ready for posting. It’s funny how once a decision has been made, it feels like the right thing to do.

So, on that note I shall love and leave you to return to my desk – I have a submission to polish! Enjoy!

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