Saturday, 6 July 2013

Early mornings, editing and Lichfield Literary Festival

Morning followers, we’re finally experiencing the summer sun here in the UK, though it might all be over in an hour or so. So, I’ll make this quick.

I have had a week of early mornings, getting up at 5:30am, which has enabled me to edit for half an hour before I start getting ready for the day job. Sounds like madness, but it has worked for me. And, by six in the morning I’m on a positive start to the day. Anyway, the routine will continue next week too.

I have polished and delivered chapter one of TFD plus a synopsis in preparation for an editor meeting at the RNA. I always find it amazing when you return to read the beginning of your work - I literally forget the details and come away surprised at my own work. 

I have just submitted a whole host of work to The Big Issue on behalf on my yr 9 class. They’ve studied the theme of homelessness and written appropriate pieces worthy of submission.

Today and tomorrow are free, bliss. My intention, despite the beautiful weather, is to be at my desk clocking up the hours. I’m finding editing a mixed blessing at the minute, so need to simply plod on. There must be some secret to editing that I am yet to learn, it really isn’t the most enjoyable part.

One job for this weekend is a summer inventory. A quarterly admin task where I make sure that all my work is logged and recorded, CV brought up to date, ideas filed, pictures downloaded  - basically I put the shop in order for the next three months. I usually find a surprise gem that I’d forgotten about – so it’s worth doing as a means of igniting creativity.

This weekend Lichfield is holding their literary festival, so a whole host of authors are converging to discuss their talents. I’ve been lucky enough to get tickets for three sessions: Jacqueline Wilson, Kate Humble and P.D. James. Hubby has the delight of accompanying me, though he isn’t complaining thanks to the inclusion of dear Ms Humble. So, next week I’ll be including details from each session.

O.K. enough from me, my editing is calling my name, so I must go! Please hook up over Twitter @odwyer_author or search Facebook for odwyer author – keep in touch and keep up to speed with my progress. I always do Follow Friday on Twitter, if you hook up it could be you. Enjoy!

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