Saturday, 27 July 2013

The joys of editing, bun fights and a Prince.

Evening folks, sorry for the very late post but when a gals in full flow editing - it’s best to keep going. Well I did and managed to edit 8906 words today, which is seven chapters of my novel TFD! That is a personal best for me. It means that in the past three days I have managed to edit 23,079 words – each word nearer to completing draft two.

It probably seems pointless but the numbers game has kept me motivated this weekend, seeing the numbers increase with each session and comparing them to previous days, really has kept me at the coal face. I use the numbers technique to motivate me when creating draft one, setting goals for each session but never have I used it for editing. From now on, I shall always use it. In fact, it has turned about how I feel about editing, it is the part of the process that I utterly dislike, so anything is a bonus.

My plan is to continue the routine for the next four days (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) so that draft two is complete on 31st July. Fingers crossed.

It’s the first week of my holidays and so I've taken full advantage of the stress free days by dedicating each to my creative work. I’ve literally jumped out of bed, pretty early at 6am and fired up the computer while my morning cuppa has brewed. Seriously, I have. And, it feels so great to be able to do that, without having to juggle my time with the day job.

Last week I attended two writers’ groups. Mad Hatters on Wednesday evening was a quiet affair of critiquing and discussion. But Thursday night’s Grace Dieu almost turned into a bun fight when a member suggested an alternative meaning to someone’s short story. Wow, did the words fly. Thankfully, everyone takes it in the best manner, thriving from the discussion rather than taking offence – but it reinforces the need for me to write a short story based on a writing group. Anyway, this week I have my nights to myself, so will work on my edits.

And finally, the best news in the UK this week, is the safe arrival of Prince George. As a romance writer don’t we all just love a new Prince, with all his possibilities and power? I think so. So, it goes without saying that I wrote a ditty about his arrival and possible future reign.

I need to love and leave you, mainly as my back is aching from the constant sitting but also because the mother of all thunderstorms has just started, possibly signally the end of our summer, and I need to go and watch.

Please hunt and track me down on Twitter (@odwyer_author) or Facebook (odwyer author) for daily progress reports – why don’t you join me to see if I hit my draft two deadline on Wednesday. Enjoy!  

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