Sunday, 10 November 2013

Nano day 10

Afternoon folks, I hope you're having a fab day. So far I've done nothing but write. Seriously, I haven't. I had a difficult week last week juggling nano, study essay and the day job - so my nano count went a little low. I literally made sure that I wrote something every day even if I couldn't manage the daily average of 1667. So, with this in mind, I have dedicated my entire weekend to the Nano project and as it stands right now, have managed 7374 words in two days. Thankfully, this has brought me right up to date with where I should be for day ten.

I'm hoping to have another little session later to put a few more words in the bank, In preparation for the working week ahead. You never know what's in store!

But so far, do good regards this year's Nano - I failed to write everyday last year so wanted this year to stick to a daily routine. It's been easier in some ways but a right pain in the neck - some of my session literally haven't started till ten o'clock at night. I am definitely not an owl, so it's proved hard work.

Grand total at the moment is 18009 words - which I hope to increase a little later.

Remember you can always follow me via Twitter at @odwyer_author - see you later, enjoy!

Follow up: I managed to plod along until I had written 7,600 words today, bringing my word total to 21,307 words. I am delighted that I have managed to write 10,009 in one weekend - this will help me to stay on track for the rest of the month, as I'm now slightly ahead of the daily requirements.


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