Saturday, 30 November 2013

Nano day 30 - the end is in sight!

Hello folks, you join me on the final day of Nano 2013. Due to juggling work, home and life in general I started the day knowing I needed to write 7,594 words to successfully complete.

The plan of today is simply to plod on and on with the nano writing. I'll update Twitter as I go, and gradually I'll get nearer with each hour.

I can guarantee that I shall finish by midnight, I have too, because I haven't spent the last month juggling to bail out on the last day.

See you later, I'll tweet as I write so please support me on my final stretch - today isn't the finish I'd planned. Enjoy!

Follow up: NANO WINNER - I did it 50,448 words written in the month of November of which 7877 were written today in six hours and fifty minutes. Yay!

Note: my back is aching but my brain is spinning!

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