Saturday, 16 November 2013

Nano 16 - 3500 words

Evening folks, I've just shut up shop for the night having written 3500 words bring my Nano total to 29,534 - woohoo!
Tomorrow's plan is to break through the 30,000 word barrier which always feels great - quite a milestone.

The bigger plan for this project is to continue after Nano month into December and work each day until New Year's Eve to complete the first draft. Now, that would be a huge achievement - can I possibly write a draft in 61 days? You bet I can!

Regards my previous project, FLOM well I collected my bangle from the jeweller's yesterday having had it's date engraved inside. My arm had felt bare all week, but thankfully I'm complete again.

Remember if you're competing in Nano please link up by searching for ODW11 or via Twitter @odwyer_author - either way enjoy your Saturday night. I'll see you back here tomorrow x

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